Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The NaBloPoMo Marathon Begins

You may notice in my sidebar that I signed up to be a participant in the National Blog Posting Month in which those crazy enough to sign up publish one post every day for the month of November. You will also notice that I put the button for NaBloPoMo under the subheading, “What Was I Thinking?” But really, I know what I was thinking. I read about it on Fussy’s blog and thought it was a fun idea. I knew it would be challenging but that part of the reason I started Life, the Universe and Everything was to keep my brain working.

So, there you go, the explanation. I have no idea what I’ll be writing for the next month. I’m thinking I could expand on my 100 things list. I’m also thinking I could answer questions or respond to writing prompts from other people. Of course, that requires participation from people who read this blog. (Remind me to tell you about the Sonic Burger commercial which includes a funny reference to blogging.) So, to anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis, if you want to check out my 100 things list or email me ( if you have any questions or writing challenges for me, you will be helping me out.

Knowing myself as I do, I doubt there will be any real rhyme or reason behind the 30 days of posts. If some grand design shows up at the end of it all, it will have been purely an accident. And I am sure that this marathon of blogging will also induce a little panic along the way. I’m not a very disciplined person so keeping the commitment won’t be easy. Of course, the accountability of telling the blog’verse I'm gonna do something should be pretty good incentive.

One other thing comes to mind as I write this. Izzy recently established a Blogger’s Declaration of Independence. Although the declaration makes a point of stating that someone should only post when they feel like it and that life should come before blogging, the NaBloPoMo and the Blogger's Declaration of Independence are closely connected for me. I am hoping that by pushing myself to write a post a day for thirty days, that I won’t have the luxury of worrying about: a) what someone else thinks; b) the hits for that post; or c) the number of comments any post might receive. When I began blogging I never considered who might be reading. In fact, initially I only told a few people about it. Months later, I love the communal aspect of blogging and tell pretty much anyone within earshot that I blog but want this month to be more about the discipline of daily writing. (Note to self: the topic of community though might make a good post this month.)

Gotta go now. Remember, if you are interested in my elaborating on any of the points in the 100 things list or if you have anything you’d like me to write about this month, just give me an email holler and I’ll do my best.

Until Tomorrow,


1 down, 29 to go


V-Grrrl said...

i find the less pressure i put on myself regarding my blog, the more inspired i am to write.

good luck. may the muse be loquacious!

Chantal said...

We can keep each other going! At least we're not the only ones experiencing some angst over this.

atypical said...

I think you should challenge yourself even more, and post twice a day! ;)

Okay, so you know my muse is on vacation, but if I think of any grand ideas for you, I will let you know.


chickenone said...

I think it would be a "gift" to your readers to expound on the "why ror is lucky you like him" statement you have cited a few times. Tie it in with the myer's briggs stuff. It will be funny.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lord. I am getting so nervous: EVERYONE is doing this! ANd that means MORE posts I have to keep up with. I can't even keep up with the every other day ones now!

Good luck though--its a very impressive goal.

metro mama said...

Gooid luck!

I would like to hear about what you're reading.