Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Own Worst Enemy: A Sunday Scribble One Day Early


An opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome:
Who is my
It seems clear to me that I am my own
Why am I my
The answer to that is yet to me another
I could kill two oppositional birds with one stone, if I could answer the question of why I am my
At least then, of the enemies within me, free I would be of my


I laughed when I saw that this week's word for the Sunday Scribblings: Nemesis. Somewhere along the way, my six-year old daughter picked up the term arch-nemesis and has used it quite liberally to describe anyone or thing who impedes any impulse she has.

Although I am confident of the usage of the word, I looked up the definition just to make sure that there was not some nuance I was missing. Of the multiple explanations, the following caught my eye: something that a person cannot conquer, achieve, etc. I immediately thought of who my own worst enemy often is: myself. My continued struggles with my parenting, my identity, my weight. I've thought about these issues and struggled with the answers to why these particular problems plague me. Some part of the answer seems attainable but never in a completely satisfactory way.

Hopefully, in spite of the feeling that I will never conquer my inner critic, this examination of myself as an unbeatable foe is merely an exercise in writing and self-examination--not an irrefutable fact.

Until tomorrow,


25 down, 5 to go


blackdaisies said...

i think that my worst enemy is also myself and the critic that sits just inside my head whispering in my ear ...

i think that you will conquer your inner critic because i bet deep down you know that you are fabulous both as a parent and as a person ... i can just tell somehow : )

thanks for your comment earlier, it somehow helped and i really appreciate it ...

V-Grrrl said...

Happy Birthday Mary! May your blue cobalt glasses runneth over with blessings and your inner critic drown in them.

Anonymous said...

I like how you defined and tackled the word nemesis in the first part…
Looks like we’ve all the same nemesis…
while all we need is little
faith in ourselves to overcome such gremlins!