Tuesday, June 20, 2006

100 things

Posting lists of 100 random things about you seems to be the very bloggy thing to do. Inspired by my friend, chickenone of ky coop cast and her recent most excellent list, I present to you my list of 100 things you may or may not be interested in knowing about me.

  1. I am terrified of earthquakes, tornadoes, any other natural disaster or any man-made disaster.
  2. I am afraid to fly but will do it. (The last couple of trips, Xanax has been my flying companion.)
  3. I am left-handed. Go southpaws!
  4. I am a child of divorce.
  5. I grew up watching soap operas with my grandma: Ryan's Hope, All My Children, As the World Turns, The Guiding Light.
  6. I grew up reading Harlequin Romances. Sometimes they were the only thing around to read. My mom, grandma and aunts used to show up for family gatherings with grocery bags full of them to swap.
  7. I love sci-fi but would probably be considered a lightweight by real sci-fi fans.
  8. I love to read.
  9. I am 43 (blech!) years old.
  10. I was born on Thanksgiving Day 1964.
  11. I was born in Oklahoma but raised in California.
  12. I have two kids.
  13. I have one husband, that is, I'm still on my first!
  14. I received a BA in Literary Studies in 1990.
  15. I am a complete and utter slob. Really. Fortunately, my friends love me anyway.
  16. I am a moderate extravert.
  17. I am intuitive.
  18. I am more of a feeler than a thinker, but just barely.
  19. I am very, very unstructured.
  20. If I had to pick a pretend celebrity boyfriend, it would have to be either Daniel Day Lewis or Garbriel Byrne. Hugh Laurie (House era) would do in a pinch.
  21. I was once dubbed "the Sage" by a man who later refused to listen to any wisdom I had to share with him.
  22. I am a very good friend.
  23. I am a former idealist.
  24. I am a reluctant pragmatist.
  25. I loved drawing when I was younger.
  26. My career as an actress was killed before it began by a high school drama teacher who described me as mousy.
  27. I use more words in a day than the average person.
  28. I am a backwards perfectionist. If I'm not sure I can do something, I'd rather not try it at all than try and fail. How sad is that?
  29. I have the best friends a person could have.
  30. I am too much of a generalist for this list-making to come easily.
  31. I felt homely as a child.
  32. I felt invisible as a teenager.
  33. I got along better with guys than girls until I was a "g'rup."
  34. I know where the word g'rup comes from. Do you?
  35. I knew Rock Hudson was gay years and years before it came out in the news. My source? My mom and grandma. Don't ask me how they knew.
  36. I think Martin Short's impersonation of Montgomery Clift in the movie Cross My Heart is one of the funniest moments ever.
  37. I love old movies.
  38. I tend to think in metaphors.
  39. I never lived with my father.
  40. I have a half-brother I met for the first time this year.
  41. I had one brother who died of ALS.
  42. I have one sister.
  43. I love dogs.
  44. I am no longer making do with two guinea pigs.  Now I am just doing without.  Some day, though.  Some day.
  45. I am married to a guitar guy.
  46. As a child, I used to have nightmares about the sun going out.
  47. As a child, I was allowed to watch too many episodes of The Outer Limits, The Night Gallery and The Sixth Sense.
  48. I am related to two 30's era criminals on my mother's side.
  49. I am related to famous post-Civil War era outlaws on my father's side.
  50. I can't believe I'm only up to 50 on this list.
  51. I watch too much TV.
  52. I am now on the computer too much. Thank you blogosphere.
  53. I love giving presents.
  54. I think I am a hard person to buy for.
  55. When inspiration strikes, I give the best presents.
  56. When I am not inspired: gift cards or candles.
  57. I have come a long way, baby, but am still too insecure.
  58. I yell at my kids too much.  (Actually, not so much anymore)
  59. My kids yell at me too much.  (Ditto)
  60. I do not like being the center of attention.
  61. I used to cry whenever poignant dad moments were shown on TV or in a movie.
  62. My grandpa died in 1990; my brother died in 1995; my grandma died in 1996; my aunt died in 1999; my uncle died in 2004.
  63. I think death sucks.
  64. I am more like the grasshopper than the ant.
  65. I like it to be between 65 and 78 degrees. Any cooler or hotter and I am cranky!
  66. I am beginning to go gray.
  67. I had way too many sunburns as a child, blisters and all, to not think about the possibility of skin cancer.  My dermatologist would agree.  He wants me in for checks every three months and he thinks I should be covered head to toe every time I go out.
  68. My son (a rabid teenager) when asked to contribute to this list said that I am a control freak, communist, Nazi, social-life killer who is trying to starve him to death. (I love you, too, honey.)
  69. I think being a mom is the hardest thing I have ever done or ever will do.
  70. I didn't marry a "father type." Thank God.
  71. I'm not good with money.
  72. My husband would be good with money if he weren't married to me.
  73. I used to have excellent grammar skills. Ah, the good old days.
  74. I love stories.
  75. I know what persiflage means.  (Um, not so much now.  I'll have to go look that up.)
  76. I have jokingly considered getting a tatto but probably never will.
  77. I love Fred Astaire's version of "The Way You Look Tonight."
  78. I can't understand when people read only non-fiction. How is that possible?
  79. I have a problem with my pride.
  80. Vulnerability is not my strong suit.
  81. It took getting married for me to be able to deal with a lot of the emotional baggage in my life. Poor Paul!
  82. I like having painted toenails.
  83. I hate having painted fingernails.
  84. I almost never have all my bases covered, cosmetically speaking. I never make it out the door with lipstick, earrings, etc. I am just not good at doing the "girl" thing.
  85. Oh wait. I had a good one but I forgot it. I guess I'm more absent-minded than I used to be.
  86. I am currently wondering how people do these lists.
  87. I hate conflict and will avoid it whenver possible.
  88. I'm not good at finishing things I've started. . . but I will finish this list.
  89. I have a deep rebellious streak.
  90. I have zero athletic ability.
  91. I tell the same stories over and over again.
  92. I am a Christian. (Should I have mentioned that sooner?)
  93. My favorite worship songs were written by my husband and my friend, Tamila.
  94. I cannot stand John Lennon's song Imagine. I think it has the stupidest lyrics EVER.
  95. If I go to a sad movie with people, I might shed a few tears. If I go alone, I will really cry. Exception: Winona Ryder version of Little Women. I went with a bunch of women to go see that and when Beth died, I sobbed.
  96. I like the idea of gardening but not the real work of it.
  97. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
  98. Chocolate is a necessity, not an option.
  99. There can never be enough ice in my soda.
  100. I am newly a veteran addict of the sci-fi show Firefly.  I do my best to lure others to my addiction.

So, if you know me, how much of this list did you already know? If you don't know me and want me to explain anything on the list, give me a holler. . . I'll do my best to explain.


Shari said...

I've been wanting to make a list like this too! I'll get around to it one of these days!

I used to love earthquakes (I thought they were fun!), but as I've gotten older, they're not so fun anymore.

Being a fellow ENFP, I could relate to your list in many ways. :-) I'm unstructured, and I'm TOTALLY a backwards perfectionist! I've never heard it described that way, but that's me!

65-78 is perfection. I can't believe people like 90 degree weather. Ick.

Have you seen the new Battlestar Galactica? It's an amazing show. It kept getting incredible reviews so we finally started watching it, and it's excellent.

Mary-LUE said...

Hi Shari, I have seen the new BG... I like what I saw this past season. The problem is, I didn't start watching it the first year so some stuff confuses me. I need to watch the whole first season. Hmmmm... Are those on DVD yet?

Sheila said...

Yep, that's you. I am amazed at the 100 list. How long did that take you?

I'm the same re:painted toenails & fingernails! :)

Mary-LUE said...

Hey Sheila... It took a whole evening off and on. By the time I got around to asking Colin for his opinion, I wasn't sure I was gonna make it.

We should go for a pedicure sometime!

Shari said...

Yes, they are on DVD . . . we have them. I don't know where you're at but if you're near Orange County (where my hubby works) or Temecula (where we live) or San Diego (where we go all the time), I could drop off the DVDs some time. :-)

This list would take me days. LOL!

Glyn said...

Re #95. Beth dies?!?! Now I'm not going to see that movie!

PS.We must engage in some persiflage the next time the opportunity presents itself.

PPS. Confession. I had to look it up ;)


Mary-LUE said...

Glyn, I had just come across that word a couple of months prior and had to look it up myself! ;)

edj said...

Ok I'm taking your NoBoPo or whatever-it-was challenge. What type of tattoo would you get? What KIND of chocolate is a necessity? What is the best, most inspired present you have ever given (or at least an example of one)? Gotten? Ok I feel I've done my bit to help you out :)


Anonymous said...

i randomly stumbled here in your life and i come with respect. Out of curiosity, why do hate the song Imagine? I have never met anyone who has ever thought that and I am so dying of curiousity why you do! :-)

Mary-LUE said...

Hi there Anonymous! Thanks for stopping by. I elaborated on my dislike for the song Imagine in a post on July 25 of this year. The link is:


If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave another comment or email me. My email address is in my profile.

owlhaven said...

I'm with you on #3, and #72 made me laugh! Thanks for commenting over at my place!

Mary, mom to many

johnross said...

2 years later, i just discovered your blog and this list. I can relate to much of it, though I'm a guy(what difference, if any, does that make I wonder). I'm either an Infx or an enfx, depending on my mood when I do the Keirsey/Bates character type-tempermant test. I'm also a christian, but I have some latent Native American type shamenistic tendencies. your blog site has inspired me to start my own blog, which will, I'm sure, be mostly random babbling