Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Pox Upon My House and a Quiz Answer Revealed

Be it a Shakespearean character, Karma or just plain bad luck, my house has been stricken...

Monday night I got a migraine and yesterday I was nursing a migraine hangover most of the day.

I was stressing a little about dealing with my first day of the semester when I heard my son walk in (two hours before school was due to let out). He had called Paul while Paul was out running errands.

He was shivering and pale, complaining about a stomachache. I sent him to bed.

Great. Migraine hangover, sick kid and Paul was packing for an early evening flight.

I made it to school and survived just fine. Paul's parents came over to stay with the kids.

After classes, I took Colin's temp and then decided to take Marley's, just in case. It was 99.9. I talked myself into believing it was a fluke.

And now, it is 3something in the morning, Colin just finished throwing up, he's shivering again and I take Marley's temperature again. 102.something.


Welcome to the Spring Semester.


Many of you rightly guessed that I am the Mrs. Bennet of parental driving instruction. Some of you were kind and guessed more charitable answers. Alpha DogMa was creative and thought outside of the box--Miss Daisy was not a choice. Gratefully, no one suggested Nurse Ratched.

I don't know exactly what I thought I would be like, but I wasn't expecting to have fits of hysterical giggling as every muscle in the right side of my body clenched itself into multiple balls of clenchisity.

Seriously. I am ridiculous. Well, I'm less ridiculous about it now that I've had a little experience.

Fortunately, my son has taken this with an inexplicable and uncustomary amount of good humor and grace. He must really, really, really want to drive.


A note about the quiz. I got the idea for the quiz post and told Colin about it. He looked at me and then proceeded to inform me that it was the most literature-nerdy stupidness he had ever heard of.

To me, that sounds like a compliment!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Literary Behind-the-Wheel

My son now has his learner's permit and, as is typical of most 15 year-olds with learner permits, is eager to drive--anywhere and everywhere. This means that sometimes I am the parent driving with my son as the "designated responsible person age 25 or older."

For laughs, I thought I'd give you all a little quiz.

Which literary character am I most like as I teach my son to drive a car?

Atticus Finch? Capable, wise, disciplined, unflappable?

Nurse Ratchit? Controlling, cruel, demanding

Mrs. Bennett? Loud, easily startled, given to fits of hysterical giggling and exclamatory remarks?

Mrs. March? Gentle, wise, soft-spoken

Mr. Bennett? Quippy, detached, overly lenient?

What's your best guess?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Quick Bread

If I don't do this now, it might not get done at all, so here is the Bisquick version of my end of '07, beginning of '08 Sleeping with Bread post.


...was at times disappointing. Usually, the disappointment had to do with people. Go figure. If you've been hanging out in my universe for very long you know I love God and His church. However, His church (the people, not the buildings) can be headstrong, stubborn, given to fits of silliness, and just plain frustrating. Thank goodness He loves us anyway.

...was at times typical. I started last year with great intentions for my health, physical and spiritual. I ended it with the equivalent of one of those horrific pratfalls that makes you want to laugh and cry for a person all at the same time. The spiritual practices and physical exercise I was so diligent at for the first few months of '07 were nowhere to be found by the end.
...was at times exhilarating. I started school, was scared to death--as evidenced by much gastro-intestinal distress and disrupted sleep, juggled too many balls but came through it all with quite a nice result. I met some new, lovely people, figured out exactly what this Master's in Reading Education actually is and figured out a) that I think I'm going to be good at what I want to do and b) that I really like it.
For 2008...
...I hope to me more disciplined. With three classes and the usual commitments, I know I will not be Miss Perfect Exerciser or Miss Never-Miss-A-Prayer time. However, I hope to incorporate good practices, on all levels, more often than not. My life (and my family's lives) are much better off when I am eating right, exercising, and spending meaningful time in spiritual pursuits.
...I hope to continue to do well in school. This will require more of the discipline mentioned above. Oy! I almost laughed out loud as I typed that. I'm such an undisciplined person. This will be interesting.
...Ultimately, for all the challenges that 2007 brought, I wouldn't mind feeling overall about 2008 as I do about 2007: that it was a year in which I did good but could do better. I had dubbed 2007 as The Year of Restraint. While I still need to work on all the things I listed in last year's Resolutions post, I would be content to look forward to 2009 having shown some restraint and discipline but feeling as if I was able to enjoy life along the way.
The Year of Just Being...
being Mary-LUE
being Mom
being Wife and Partner
being Friend
being Daughter
being Student

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Fine Art - Then and Now

Little Girl in a Blue Armchair
Mary Cassat
oil on canvas, 1878
National Gallery of Art

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Lttle Girl in a Video Game Rocker playing Guitar Hero 3
digital photograph, 2007
Mary-LUE's Laptop

Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Little Glimpse of DC

The Vietnam War Memorial

The Vietnam Women's Memorial

Paul and I at the Lincoln Memorial

Images from the Korean War Memorial

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