Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Pox Upon My House and a Quiz Answer Revealed

Be it a Shakespearean character, Karma or just plain bad luck, my house has been stricken...

Monday night I got a migraine and yesterday I was nursing a migraine hangover most of the day.

I was stressing a little about dealing with my first day of the semester when I heard my son walk in (two hours before school was due to let out). He had called Paul while Paul was out running errands.

He was shivering and pale, complaining about a stomachache. I sent him to bed.

Great. Migraine hangover, sick kid and Paul was packing for an early evening flight.

I made it to school and survived just fine. Paul's parents came over to stay with the kids.

After classes, I took Colin's temp and then decided to take Marley's, just in case. It was 99.9. I talked myself into believing it was a fluke.

And now, it is 3something in the morning, Colin just finished throwing up, he's shivering again and I take Marley's temperature again. 102.something.


Welcome to the Spring Semester.


Many of you rightly guessed that I am the Mrs. Bennet of parental driving instruction. Some of you were kind and guessed more charitable answers. Alpha DogMa was creative and thought outside of the box--Miss Daisy was not a choice. Gratefully, no one suggested Nurse Ratched.

I don't know exactly what I thought I would be like, but I wasn't expecting to have fits of hysterical giggling as every muscle in the right side of my body clenched itself into multiple balls of clenchisity.

Seriously. I am ridiculous. Well, I'm less ridiculous about it now that I've had a little experience.

Fortunately, my son has taken this with an inexplicable and uncustomary amount of good humor and grace. He must really, really, really want to drive.


A note about the quiz. I got the idea for the quiz post and told Colin about it. He looked at me and then proceeded to inform me that it was the most literature-nerdy stupidness he had ever heard of.

To me, that sounds like a compliment!


liv said...

oh! i hope the family is soon on the mend. being sick is the WORST!

atypical said...

Argh! I certainly hope everyone is feeling better very, very soon.

And Colin's comment? Definitely a compliment.


P.S. I hope Paul's trip is a short one.

Beck said...

Everyone here is sick, sick, sick.
I always thought Mrs. Bennett was actually a fairly normal mother. Who DOESN'T act like her once in a while?

Anonymous said...

DUde. That is totally a compliment. I wish someone would say something like that to me.


Anonymous said...

Well, tell Colin that you know your audience. It's a lesson in marketing.

My father taught my mother to drive when they were first dating. My grandfather had already failed to teach her. When my dad succeeded my grandfather gave his blessing. Seems it was all a big test of personality types and dealing with frustration. Later my father taught me and my brother, noting that we both did not inherit our mother's tendency for road rage.

I was thinking of you when I heard about Heath Ledger. We watched Brothers Grimm recently largely on your recommendation. It was so good.

Good luck with plague. Your last name isn't Usher is it? (That nerdy book reference if for your son)

Anonymous said...

IS not IF

ewe are here said...

Ugh. Sorry about the bug rampaging through your family... never fun.

Aliki2006 said...

I'm sorry I haven't stopped by to comment lately...please forgive me!

Your week sounds like our life last week--it was awful. Hopefully we have cycled out of sickness for the time being.

I hope everyone is on the mend ASAP!

Lindsey said...

Hope you are ALL feeling better!!

atypical said...

I just wanted you to know I am still thinking about you and yours (and sending prayers your way).


Sheila said...

Oh, this is way too funny. I can just picture the two of you in the car - I've choked from laughing too hard just now, and I think if I read that post again, I may laugh until I cry. I realize that I will be in your shoes in seven short years, and somehow, this makes it even funnier.

Good luck, Colin. Glad you are all feeling better!