Monday, April 03, 2006


Yes. The answer to the great question. 42. What?

Well, basically, this is just the latest in my recent rash of blogging. Honestly, I think I need a blog patch. For years I have ridiculed my husband because of my belief that there will never, ever, ever be enough guitars. This theory was substantiated a few years ago when Eric Clapton auctioned off, what, 150 guitars to raise money for his rehab facility in Aruba. I heard him on the telly saying that this was a major sacrifice. These weren't museum pieces, you know. These were good, working guitars. Hah! I knew it all along. Over 150 guitars and he played them all.

Now however, I find myself working on this, my third blog. I'm actually embarassed by it. Not so embarrassed though that I'm not gonna do it. The first blog was a family update blog. Then, I felt the need to explore loss in my life. Blog #2. I quit blog number one and made a new one on Blogger. Now, after a few months, I find I want to talk about more than my family and my exploration of grief. So, here we go. . . With a nod to my beloved Douglas Adams. I intend to talk about whatever strikes my fancy here regarding Life, the Universe and Everything.

Until later, My name is Mary and I'm a blogaholic.


Sheila said...

YEA!!! Bring it on, baby.

I have a great story about 42. In our early years of marriage, I'd say to Stu, I have a question for you, and he'd look at me seriously and say, 42. I thought he was weird. Then, a few years ago, I read The Guide, and I turned to him and said, Oh honey, you're not weird, you are just a normal boy! He's all, yeah, I could have told you that. Men.

Mary-LUE said...

In my college days at UT Dallas, I had a class called Interpretations in Historical Studies (something like that.) It was all Schlegel and Heidigger. Yech! Anyway, the professor said something and somebody blurted out, "The mice are running the experiment!" Five of us burst out laughing, the professor looked perplexed, and we all knew who the really cool people were in class!

Mel said...

My name is Mel and I'm addicted to reading blogs.

Juliabohemian said...

Warren does the same thing Sheila. When I say I have to ask him something he'll say '42'. Men are freaks.

I was going to say that I decorated a "hitchhiker's" birthday cake for my sister when she was 5. She had no idea what it was but my Mom told me to decorate it and that was the first image that I could think of.