Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"When you can't run anymore, you crawl... and when you can't do that, you find someone to carry you."

The quote above is from a television series called Firefly. It is spoken by a young man who has made some terrible choices and ends up paying with his life. He used his war buddies to try to get him out of the trouble he brought upon himself because he knew they would do anything to help him. By trying to take advantage of them, he made things worse for himself, but in the end, they did just what the quote says. When he could no longer run and no longer crawl, they carried him--home to his family to be buried.

My friend's brother died this week. As I think about what she and her family are experiencing, this quote came to mind. This may seem like a jump. Let me explain. I love this quote because it represents so much of what I value in life. I have people in my life who will carry me. God has placed them there and I treasure each and every one of them. There have been so many times when I felt like I couldn't even crawl. When it seems like not even my friends can carry me, I know that God is.

As I think about my friend--I'll call her Susan--my heart breaks. Killed tragically in a fire, her young brother, only 27 years old, leaves behind a family who must feel right now as if they can't even crawl. Horrifying yet unreal, his death will be with them for the rest of their lives. I know. I've experienced death on numerous occasions: my grandparents, my brother, an aunt, an uncle. I know.

Susan called and left a message for me Saturday night. Crying, she apologized for leaving such a message and barely got out the words, "My brother Jim passed away. He was badly burned in a fire and his body just couldn't take it." She made arrangements and flew from half-way round the world to come home to bury her brother. I cry for her and her family today--cry for the pain they will continue to experience. I pray for them today--pray they will make friends with their grief. I pray they will be able to be there for each other when it feels like they cannot run or crawl. I pray they will allow themselves to be carried by each other and by God.

I pray.


Debra said...

I am so sorry about your friend's brother. I'm sorry for your friend.

That being said... finding a woman who quotes Firefly, who's read Ender's Game and who's blog is titled from Hitchhiker's Guide!!! I am happy.

Now please tell me you've read Kim Robinson's "Mars" series...

Mary-LUE said...

(Insert sheepish grin here) Sorry Debra, I haven't read that series but I am quite willing to put it on my reading list. You'll have to check out the Six More Degrees of Booking post. Apparently someone doesn't agree with our liking for Orson Scott Card. I'm new to Firefly but L-O-V-E it, and well, Hitchhiker's has been dear to my heart for a very, very long time.

Juliabohemian said...

That is so sad. I can only imagine what a loss that is to his family.

I read a book! It was called "Soldier of Light" and the only reason I read it was because it was written by the guy who played Q on Star Trek. I checked out 2 Wally Lamb books at the library and I am going to read them too!

Marie said...

My heart goes out to your friend! It sounds like a terrible situations.
On a lighter note though, I'm glad you are enjoying Firefly! So many memorable and hilarious quotes from the show ("I swear by my pretty bonnet..."), as is the case with most Joss Wedon creations (did you ever watch Buffy?). It's too bad they had to end the series.

Mary-LUE said...

I went to my friend's brother's funeral today. He was very well liked and loved -- that was obvious.

Julia, I've never read Wally Lamb but I do own I Couldn't Keep it to Myself. It is a collection of writing by women in prison. Need to get that read. How was Q's book?

Marie, yes, I'm a Whedon fan. Buffy, Angel, Firefly. He is the best. I do find myself thinking in terms of the 'verse now that I've been soaking in Firefly the last few weeks. Shiny!

Mary-LUE said...

CLARIFICATION: Wally Lamb edited the collection of writing by the women in prison.

Budd said...

Sorry to hear about your friends loss. That is a great quote and it brings to mind a song lyric. Josh Groban has a song entitled "You Raise Me Up," and there is a line that says, "I am strong when I am on your shoulders." It is a beautiful song and maybe it can bring some comfort to your friends family in their time of pain.