Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Little Glimpse of DC

The Vietnam War Memorial

The Vietnam Women's Memorial

Paul and I at the Lincoln Memorial

Images from the Korean War Memorial

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Terri B. said...

Pictures even! You are goooood! Looks like it was warm enough to take off the heavy coat?

I've sent a request to a blogger for the name of a little French restaurant she went to in D.C. with her husband. She posted a pic of the view out the window and (more importantly) a pic of their GORGEOUS dessert. Looks worth it just to go for the dessert. If she replies anytime soon, I'll shoot you the name of it so you can think about it if you've not already got yourselves booked up.

Happy Anniversary vacation!

Julie Pippert said...

Oh you look so good, so happy too! And the photos, looks great.

Beck said...

You guys look great - and the war memorials are very moving. It looks like a good trip.

atypical said...

Several years ago, we went to the Vietnam Memorial. I remember thinking, "It's just a wall. How moving can it be?" I'll have you know, I was so bleary-eyed by the end of it, that I couldn't see where I was going for about half an hour. Yeah, it hit me.

Did you brave the Holocaust Memorial Museum (I have never worked up the courage for that one)?

Did you sit on Abe's lap and tell him what you wanted for a late Christmas present? ;)

K, that last comment almost sounded sacrilegious.


Anonymous said...

Hey! It's Mr. LUE. He's a dapper fellow, isn't he. Score for you Mary! Glad you had a fun getaway. Well, fun AND educational.

When do you back to school?

Lindsey said...

Oh I love DC! Great learning experiences, great photo ops, great times. Happy Anniversary-may there be MANY MANY more!! And great pic of the 2 of you!