Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday Fripperies

American Heritage Dictionary
frip·per·y (frp-r) Pronunciation Key n. pl. frip·per·ies
1. Pretentious, showy finery.
2. Pretentious elegance; ostentation.
3. Something trivial or nonessential.

It should go without saying, except that I am saying it, if I'm using the word "fripperies" in my post title, I mean it to fall under the #3 definition of "something trivial or nonessential." I am nothing if not the antithesis of pretension

So, on the Friday after Thanksgiving we are still at our friends' house. It is a beautiful day. After we get the kids to bed I think we'll be doing a little hot tubbin' and so a little trivial nonsense seemed like the best way to dispense of NaBloPoMo Post #24. After all, as wonderful as blogging is, life should come before posting, right? (I may have submit a request to Ms. Kennedy that next year's NaBloPoMo not occur in a month with a major holiday in it--not that I'm ever doing this again!)

Without further ado, the fripperies:

  1. There has been an outbreak of bees and crows here in this So-So Cal desert town. Is a bee/crow plague an omen of some sort that we should know about?
  2. I think Netflix lies about when they get the DVD's back. We have only been members for a few weeks and every time I return two DVD's at the same time, they report one to three days difference. Is this part of their "throttling" technique which attempts to slow down the number of DVD's you get?
  3. My husband, in a fit of Mary-like generosity performed an extreme guitar makeover on our friend's acoustic. It is now all lemon-oiled up with new strings and, here is the extreme part, a brand new pick up!
  4. I am getting farther into the book March by Geraldine Brooks. I think it is very well written and an interesting premise: She writes about the father from Little Women during the time in the book when he was away with the Union army during the Civil War. It not only discusses what he experiences during the war but describes how he met Marmee, etc. As I just said, it is well written but there some things which are a little hard to take such as his kissing another woman, the fact that he is not well-liked by his fellow soldiers and something which I can only say was the subject of a famous Seinfeld episode called "The Contest." Very shocking, indeed!
  5. And finally, my fifth and final frippery for this Friday, last night we spent the night here with four adults, one teenager and three kids between three and eight. Bedtime was pretty easy. Tonight, another family has joined us. Bedtime with six adults, one teenager and six kids between ages 3 and 9 should make for an interesting time, don't you think? (Oh yeah, don't forget to add two cats locked in the office and one Italian greyhound!)

Until tomorrow,


24 down, 6 to go


Momish said...

I love that word! I can't resist new and interesting words. I read a review about the book March, and thought it would be an interesting premise too.
Enjoy your holiday weekend! And, congrats on just about getting through the NaBloPoMo! What a feat!

Anonymous said...

I love the word fripperies! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving . . . are you still in Temecula? Crows and bees? I haven't seen a ton of those around here. LOL.

I loved Little Women, so maybe I'll read March. It sounds interesting.

metro mama said...

Canflix is pissing me off. They just send me Six Feet Under Season 5 disc 1 before I've finished Season 4 (which is taking forever!)

Glyn said...

And in the last days there shall be bees and crows, rumors of bees and rumors of crows, the unholy mating of bees and crows which shall produce, yea, bountiful feasts of honey, but alas, an increase in deafness among beekeepers, who face the ire and protesting of the loud bee-crow cackling in the midst of their gathering...

These are the signs of what is to come...