Monday, November 27, 2006

Sleeping with Bread Monday: Freestyle

I think I'm going free lance here today and just blah, blah, blah'g instead of doing the regular questions. This is partially because, for today at least, life is feelin' pretty good and I don't really have any desolations to share. I think I'm also feeling a little feisty and rebellious for whatever reason--so the questions are going!

The Thanksgiving holiday was a lot of fun and very relaxing which is saying a lot considering there were 4 to 7 kids in attendance at any given time. I think I've mentioned before that the friends we went to see used to be neighbors and when they moved it changed life for me quite a bit. No more easy kid drop offs or offers to pick up a gallon of milk at the store. More than that though, the loss of the nearness of a confidante, sounding board, prayer partner, etc. was quite severe. It was definitely a treat to spend an extended amount of time in their company.

Friday night I was treated to presents and an ice cream cake to die for in honor of my birthday. In the great Present Piggyback of 2006, Michelle bought me cobalt goblets which inspired Paul to buy me new dishes which inspired Julie to buy me placemats which inspired Tamila to buy me flatware. A whole new place setting makeover in one fell swoop!

(Here is a close up of the lovely dragonfly detail on the dishes.)

A few thousand calories fed the fat cells in my body after eating a chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream, chocolate ganache frosting, pirouette cookies and a dark chocolate medallion. Coldstone Creamery is the best!

Saturday we hung out in the house, in the front yard, at the park--pretty much just hung out. The man-children went out and bought a bunch of 2 liter bottles of Diet Coke and some Mentos for a little e fun.

Finally, although it was tempting to stay longer, it was not practical and we headed home.

Andrew Vachss says that there is your biological family and then there is your family of choice. The W family and the Z family, who joined us on Friday, are my family of choice. I am grateful to love them and in turn to be loved by them.

Until tomorrow,


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Lamont said...

What I'm most thankful for...
chocolate ganache frosting, diet soda and mentos fountians!

Talk about sleeping with bread!

V-Grrrl said...

What a great, upbeat post.

The new place setting is so beautiful. I love beautiful dishes because it lets art intersect my day over and over again. Is there anything better than wrapping your hands around your favorite mug or fixing a sandwich on a cherished plate?

MarillaAnne said...

LOL what lamont said and v-grrl too!

Ya did good girl!


Kristen said...

Happy belated birthday! Those dishes are beautiful. And that cake sounded AWESOME. The fat cells are worth it! Especially on your birthday. :-)

Julie said...

Thanks for coming, Your family is also my family of choice. what a great time we had.I'm still full.
P.S. sorry about the pick up, had no idea that was happening! Craig was quite greatful. Love julie

edj said...

Happy belated birthday! Sounds like an awesome celebration--and what an incredible cake!!

Sheila said...

Love the dishes! Happy happy birthday!