Tuesday, November 21, 2006

In which an alliance is formed...

There has been so much on my mind today that I could probably write half a dozen posts. Everything from familial blog fodder such as my son's new refrain every time I think something is interesting or funny, "Are you going to blog about that?" to my recently articulated revelation that emotionally I am better at life theory than life application. There are my thoughts on the O.J. book and television interview (Thanks for doing the right thing Mr. Murdoch... FINALLY!) and my delight at the first of the birthday presents to roll around: eight cobalt blue glass goblets from my bluegrass friend. (I'll be 42 on Sunday--thoughts on that could also be a post.)

Today however, my official duty is to introduce you to MarillaAnne.

I first e-met MarillaAnne through the blogger, Odd Mix. He found me, I think, through the NaBloPoMo randomizer and he decided to "cheer" my blog and a few others on through this self-imposed posting marathon, NaBloPoMo. One of his other "cheer-ees" is MarillaAnne. She in turn, also chose me and some others to encourage throughout November.

MarillaAnne (in real life known as PamElise) has decided to take the idea of a blogroll a little farther than usual. She is putting together an alliance of bloggers. The alliance "mission" is as follows: to be an encouragers and promoters who are intelligent, life-crafters, storytellers, and conversationalists – who are diverse in thought, activities, culture, and location – who are willing to partner to the mutual benefit of both of each other's blogs. You can check out the specifics here but basically, it is committing to be a thoughtful commenter on posts and to introduce each other on our blogs--sometimes pointing the way to specific posts. What the heck, I thought. As BubandPie recently discussed in her post, What Kind of Blogtrovert Are You?, I am among those bloggers who might be considered an extrovert. So, here is my first blog alliance post to introduce MarillaAnne.

I have to admit that the task of introducing someone is a little difficult for me. As I thought about how to describe Pam, though, I considered the name Marilla. Pam says that her nom de guerre, MarillaAnne is inspired by both Marilla and Anne from Anne of Green Gables so I thought I'd compare and contrast my impressions of Marilla to Pam. I will have to admit first, though, that my perception of Marilla comes from the Anne of Green Gables mini-series on public television not the books. So, if I'm wrong, you have the producers and Colleen Dewhurst to blame.

I see Marilla as a classic SJ personality. She is a guardian of what is right and expected with huge quantities of integrity and character thrown in. She enjoys her life but doesn't have much room in it (in the beginning at least) for Anne's romantic nonsense. There are a lot of black and whites in Marilla's life and she is passionate about doing the right thing. She is the ant not the grasshopper taking her duties with all seriousness. Anne brings a levity to her life that she wouldn't pursue on her own.

Pam, who I am sure comes equipped with all the same character and integrity as Marilla, seems to be more of a free spirit who confesses freely that she "wants to write what she wants when she wants."** I sense a more adventurous spirit in Pam than in Marilla although I would say they are both women who have the courage of their convictions. I see this in Pam when she relates her and her husband's willingness to live without a car. Depending on the train, they get by just fine and trust that if they really need a car, the Lord will provide one when the time is right.** And as Anne brings a lightness and joy into Marilla's life, I suspect that Pam does that for others.

To move on from the compare and contrast portion of this post, Pam is passionate about social justice and would like you all to read her recent post titled The US Gulf Coast is still in recovery ... Including the Children. During some recent interviews with a dollmaker, she "become acutely aware, again, of how much damage families themselves have sustained in that part of the country" and has a desire to help those who still find their lives affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Well, I guess that is about it. I hope I have done justice to this introduction and that you will head on over to MarillaAnne and hang out for awhile to see what she has to offer.

Until tomorrow,


**Note: I know I read this on her blog but can't find the right page right now.

21 down, 9 to go
We are down to the single digits, baby! Oh yeah!


MarillaAnne said...

Hey Mary, You did fine. I'd never thought about a compare and contrast between me and Marilla and Anne. My family will laugh. I'm a lot more mischiveous like Anne but my battle cry has always been (according to my parents) "that's not right." The thing I most relate to re Marilla is that she did not let age be a reason to resist a change of heart or ways. She became more sensitive to people not less sensitive. I hope to be leaving my less-sensitive days further and further behind. Somedays I'm better than others.

As to turning 42 ... enjoy being in your 40's ... it is the decade for the discovery of your true you. Finally all those life skills you've been collecting begin to make themselves useful. It's also a very good time to really pay attention to how you care for yourself ... to the benefit of lasting longer ... hopefully ... because the horrible truth of it is your body is turning against you ... it's the new frontline battle that too many of us think is just a little simmering fude.

i hope to have your intro up by noon. I am so blessed to have your company! But I'll tell you a little secret ... I wanted to hear what else you would have written with all those other thoughts. Tell us more :)

have fun!

sunshine scribe said...

Great introduction. I look forward to reading her!

blackdaisies said...

I turned 38 today : )

I LOVE your cobalt blue goblets, what a fantastic gift ~ I have a pitcher and the matching four others I found while on vacation one year on the sunshine coast (vancouver area) ~ so beautiful!

thank you for the introduction to MarillaAnne ... am heading over now : )