Sunday, November 26, 2006

42 Redux


The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.


The title of the first post I wrote for this blog.


What you get when you add 21 plus 21.


How old I am today.

One year ago, I had started a family blog to keep loved ones up to date on the madcap happenings of Paul, Colin, Marley and Mary. Less than six months later I began this, my third blog. A blogaholic was born.

There is so much I thought I would say on my birthday... but I'm too pooped to post. I went to church early to help with set up so Marley could earn some Brownie points. Real Brownie points to go toward an Inchworm Badge. We put up the tree and decorated it with Aunt Monica's help. I went to Target and bought tree garland and a floor rug. I went to the grocery store and bought the ingredients for a red potato/green bean salad I first heard about at Planet Nomad. (It was yummy, edj!) We put the Wild Child to bed and now, here I sit, collapsed on the couch with a mocha in hand. The creativity is gone. I'm keeping my carcass parked on this sofa for the remainder of the evening and rotting my brain in front of the television.

Until tomorrow,


26 down, 4 to go


atypical said...

Happy birthday! You are 12 days older than my sister. We were just discussing on turkey day that she will be the answer to life, the universe, and everything (or 6 x 9, which is wrong but right).

How did the TV brain rot go for you? I did a little of that myself. I hope you get a wonderful night's sleep.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Bon Anniversaire Mary.

edj said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you liked the salad. Hope the mocha was good too. :)

Sophie said...

Happy birthday! Sophie here just checking in after jumping from Marilla Anne's site. I see that I checked in on an important day! I'm 45, and I found a whole new life at 40. Don't worry about those silly old numbers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!! I hope you had a fabulous one!

blackdaisies said...

Happy Birthday my dear ... 42 is a wonderful number for a wonderful year :) ... wishing you all the best!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

(Sorry it took me so long, but I have a hard time reading your blog through Google Reader.)