Sunday, November 19, 2006

Everyday Heroes

There are many kinds of heroes in the world.

Some heroes are easy to see. We saw them on September 11, 2001. We read about them in books. We watch their stories in movies.

Some heroes are artificially made to suit a purpose. The facts are smudged a little so that a hero can be raised up to represent a cause.

Some heroes raise themselves up--make up a story so that he or she can benefit from the glory.

Some hereos are historic and are lifted up to represent character and values we cherish.

Some heroes aren't specific. They do heroic acts day and night because of the nature of their job and we recognize them not necessarily as individuals but as Policeman, Fireman, Doctor.

Some heroes are barely visible. Seen only by those in direct contact with them. Possibly not even appreciated for what they are by those people.

I know two heroes who stepped up and took in two troubled young girls for six months. It was a difficult and emotional road but they held on and did what they could do.

I know a hero who set aside her long time differences with her dying father to be there as he died.

I know a hero who has been married for almost 19 years. A hero who doesn't always have it easy but who expresses in his way of being that he would never leave his wife and children.

I know of a hero who is walking through the death of his beloved wife with courage and grace.

Every day I see heroes all around me who don't get any glory or recognition. Indeed, they may not be the dictionary definition of a hero. But they are heroes to me because they make difficult choices to sacrifice, to help, to stay.

They make the right choices.

Who are the heroes who surround you?

Until tomorrow,


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Anonymous said...

I think that the most respectable heroes are the ones that you mentioned, that don't get all the glory or recognition, but just keep on doing good for the sake of doing good.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to think. Everyone and no one. I'm like that. It can be maddening.

I agree that the everyday heroes are most admirable to me.

And the ones who out of nowhere do something simply extraordinary. That, not given the circumstance, you or they would never know they had a hero inside.

But I think that tells us that probably most of us do.

Pendullum said...

My family...
From my parents to my grandparents to my siblings, to my husband to my child....
Everyday there is an act of compassion, strength, truth, love and helping their fellow man,,,,
You are right... it is all around you....If you are lucky enough to see it...

Sheila said...

Wow, look at you, doing the whole NaNoBloPo-whatever deal and writing about real things everyday too.
I'd be resorting to random nothingness, not real reflections.
Excellent job!
I'll have to give you a gold star soon . . .

blackdaisies said...

now this is a sunday scribble : ) you are absolutely right, there are heroes all around us making the right choices ... thanks for the smile!

metro mama said...

I think paramedics and nurses are the unsung heroes.