Sunday, November 30, 2008

NaBloPoMo: It is Finish-ed!!!!

Cue the heavenly choir. I made it. It wasn't always very pretty, but I did it. I have been beating myself up a little bit about the quality of my NaBloPoMo posts this year as opposed to two years ago. I just went, though, and glanced through all of that year's posts and they weren't as spectacular as I remembered. I think the main difference between that year and this is that I did take time on a few posts to do some creative writing. I did a Writer's Digest prompt and a couple of weeks of Word Beads. I was not up for creative writing this year. Shoot, with the migraine invasion, I barely made it through the month.

I am glad I did it though. I found a few new blogs--that is always fun. It was thirty days of discipline--always a challenge for me. And now I get to put up my "I did it!" badge. That is kind of cool.

I am going to leave you with one of my works of creative writing art from two years ago. I had forgotten all about this one. It was a prompt from Writer's Digest in which you were to write a 20-line poem (rhyming or nonrhyming, your choice) about your favorite possession that cost you fewer than $10. I cheated and wrote 24, but it was fun to write and fun to go back and read. I hope you enjoy it!

Paperback Writer

As I sit here and ponder just what to write,
my deadline is coming right at midnight.
So in quest of a prompt--no, I do not jest--
I head on over to the Writer’s Digest.

And there it is, my prompt for the day:
for under 10 bucks, my favorite possession to say.
It doesn’t take too much of a look
to know that my fave is the paperback book.

Might it be a Burke book by Vachss?
A book which spurs me on to fax
my local state senator to say,
"Make those pedophiles go away."

Or that man of the horses, Francis, Dick?
There are so many that the titles can’t stick
in my brain along with the plots.
But I love those horsey books lots and lots.

A paperback book, the size is just right
to take with me everywhere, day or night.
On a restless day I have only to begin
to read over again one of my dear friends.

Paperback books there are so many!
How do I, among them, a favorite choose?
For one of them to win means
all the others must lose.

30 down, 0 to go

I did it!


Mel said...


Bravo!! Well done!!

You've got me beat, that's for certain.
And I've enjoyed the 30 days. :-)

Lamont said...

Great work Mary -
Why is it I always miss the November blogging challenge...
Would I be mad to attempt it in December? Is there a cool little gif/jpeg for a December challenge?
I appreciate your spunk in meeting this challenge. ( It makes me want to try it too!)

Lamont said...

I'm in for December!

daisies said...

feels so good to be done :) i've very much enjoyed your words throughout the month, xo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Nablopomo really did a number on me last year, so I'm very impressed with your resolve. Well done.

Jessi said...

Grats on making it! Sorry I'm so late to the party. ;-)