Saturday, November 15, 2008

Insta-Post Recipe


1 local brush fire
1 camera

Combine ingredients and voila!

This picture was taken from the top of a hill about two miles from our house.  This is a fire in Brea... there are also fires in Yorba Linda and Corona.  While the L.A. fires are fairly far away, this one is not.  You can see all the brown grasses and brush on the hillside and understand how this situation is dangerous.  We have also been sorely lacking in rainfall for the last couple of years.

I just read on Facebook that a friend of ours had to evacuate her house in Yorba Linda. Hopefully it will still be there when she gets back.


Shari said...

Wow, I'm totally praying for you guys! And all the people in that area. We were going to have dinner with Brent's family tonight, but his mom was in OC earlier in the day and it took her SEVEN HOURS to get home to Upland. So we just went to dinner with his sister's family instead. Crazy.

Beck said...

Wasn't there a fire there last year, too? I hope you guys STAY SAFE!

Mary-LUE said...

I doubt the fire will get to us, but I guess you should never say never!

I am beginning to hear of more people who have had to evacuate or are poised to.

Beck: Yes, there was a huge number of fires last year. A big circle of them surrounded us, but they weren’t as close to us as this one. In the picture, the fire is surrounding the city’s high school. I haven’t check the news yet to see if it burned down.

We will stay safe, I am sure. We might just get a little bit ash-covered!

Anonymous said...

That's so scary. I have five rubbermaid tubs full of photo albums and keep sakes that are always packed in case we have to evacuate.

My parents' town was evacuated a few years ago because of a wild fire. In the end the town was spared. They came home to discover that because the power was cut for several days EVERYTHING in the fridge and freezer had spoilt or liquified. It made for an ungodly smell/mess. Turns out bags and bags of raspberries in your freezer is an awesome way to detroy your hard wood floor.

Stay safe.

John Ross said...

Wow & YIKES! Rain is to Portland & California as Wieght is to other people & me. We wich we could give you soem of our rain as they wish they could give some of their wieght to me.

Mel said...

Oh my......


ModernMommy said...

What a small world. I grew up in Diamond Bar (where my in-laws still live) and my husband and I lived in Placentia for a few years before moving to Arizona. I do not miss the fires!