Sunday, November 02, 2008


Two years ago, when I participated in NaBloPoMo, one "rule" I had was not to write posts obsessing about Nablopomo and going on and on about what I should write.

I'd like to keep that rule again this time.  After tonight. ;)

It has been a busy day--well, sort of.  Even with the blessing of an extra hour of sleep, I stayed up too late.  The day included working in the nursery, lunch out with some friends, avoiding school work, actually doing school work, reading with Marley, surviving Marley ricocheting off the walls for about 90 minutes before her bedtime, more school work.

Now my head is aching a little, I'm a little stuffed up from allergies, and I have one hour and 21 minutes to write a post.  Which I can do.  Whether or not it will be any good is another story.  I headed over to a couple of meme directories to look for something.  Those saved me during my last NaBloPoMo.  Nothing caught my interest tonight, though.

(Subspace Beacon may be regretting her "Yeah, 30 days of Mary" comment from yesterday!)

So, here I lay (in bed) with nothing to "talk" about, except a few impressions of my day...

...working in the nursery.  There were three babies today.  One little girl with cheeks and thighs like you would not believe.  One little boy who is normally our sympathetic cryer.  If you are crying, he's right there with you. Thankfully, he did not join in today with our one little one who was not happy to be with us.  Sometimes I am wiped out after 90 minutes in the nursery but I usually love hanging out with the wee ones.  I am also grateful for being past the stage where mine are that tiny!

...listening to Marley and her friends play.  After church we brought home Marley's BFF and her sister.  It isn't uncommon for us to have the sister over, but not as a "play date."  I was shocked when all three girls lined up in front of me and asked to come over.  They have a history of fractious behavior when it is the three of them.  They did so well, though.  I was pleased--shocked, but pleased.  I heard a few tussles, but they managed to work it out between them.  How awesome is that?  All those years of parental lectures paying off!

...getting a phone call from a long, lost friend.  I had a friend from elementary school through high school and a little beyond.  We lost touch with each other, but I've always kept an eye out for her on and now on Facebook.  I just checked for her a couple of weeks ago and she still wasn't there.  Last week, I checked again and there she was!  I added her as a friend and we emailed each other.  This afternoon as I was pretending to study, she called.  It has been over 20 years since we had talked, so we had plenty to catch up on.  It was great.  I look forward to talking with her again.

...sharing books and DVDs with a friend.  A friend from church is going to be spending some time off her feet and it was a great opportunity to share some of my favorite books and DVDs.  I hope she likes them!  There's enough costume drama in that bag to equal a few months of Masterpiece Theater!  (Cranford, North and South, Wives and Daughters, Pride and Prejudice and more!)

...collapsing into bed thinking about all I have to do tomorrow.  I meet with my grad advisor with a whole laundry list of topics to cover in addition to my usual Monday Madness.  I better get to bed!

See you tomorrow.

2 down, 28 to go


Anonymous said...

Do you want us to brainstorm topics for posts?

I always love to read posts about marriage proposals, baby birth stories and rants about in-laws. Also reminicising about celebrity crushes from elementary and high school. Also reminicising about when I was smart enough to spell reminicising correctly. Those were the days!

Mel said...

Personally, I think you deserve a medal for doing the nursery deal......

Anonymous said...

I am torn on Facebook. I love it, but there is nowhere to hide from my past...