Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Evening Musings

10:37 p.m.

Oy! My back hurts.  I get down and dirty with the housecleaning and dinner making and laundry doing so seldomly that I forget that it is all hard work.  Work makes my back hurt.

About five years ago, Paul and I had a floor refinsher come in and repair and refinish the hard wood floors in our living room and dining room.  (Yes, we rent but it was worth the expense.)  The man we hired was 800 years old... okay, maybe not 800, but he had his contractor's license awarded to him in the late 40's.  FORTIES, the WWII Forties.  

There is a point to this story, albeit an unnecessary one.

So, this ancient floor man, when he got up off of his knees, made a groaning sound like you would not believe.  There is no combination of letters that can represent the sound this man made. It may be a wee bit of exaggeration on my part, but I feel like that groan sounded!  (Pity me, please.)

But enough of my aching back.

It does feel good to get something accomplished.  This is the most productive I've been in a long time. I've had a proper dinner on the table three nights in a row, which, for me, is a major accomplishment.  Marley will actually have a week's work of clean clothes in her dresser when she wakes up tomorrow!  Paul and I have even made a plan for Christmas, when to get out the tree, put up the lights, etc.  (Of course, making a plan and the following it are two very different things.)

In other news, this was the last Sunday that my church held services in their current location. Next week, we meet in a shiny, new, cosier auditorium.  I'm looking forward to it even though I will be working in the nursery and will miss the service.  Still, I'll be in the new nursery.  I hope that everything for the move goes smoothly.  I am actually planning on pitching in with the move (more aching back) unless my school work is screaming at me too much.  

Let's see, what else was I going to tell you?  Oh!  I have been a very bad blog reader this past week or so. I haven't been as good at coming by and worse at commenting with the exception of a few episodes of commentolalia (my term for a comment that just won't shut up.)  I apologize if I have neglected anyone.  I can't even blame it all on school. I think I've just been a one part hormonal, one part introspective and two parts tired.  I was so bad I didn't even comment on the Sleeping with Bread posts linked up at the SWB blog.  That is bad.  Very bad.

I won't promise to be better this week.  It is a holiday week, I do have a lot of school to get done over the break, I am trying to keep my dinner on the table streak going...  Hopefully, though, I will get on over to demonstrate my mad commenting skills.  If you're lucky...  (kidding... just kidding!)

Off to fold that last load of laundry (not the last load to be finished... just the last load to be processed for the day... I have at least five more loads to go!)


23 down, 7 to go (one more week!)


Anonymous said...

I'm gearing up for a SWB post tomorrow. PROMISE. But you are not obliged to comment -- I wouldn't want to be blamed for your failure to prep and serve FOUR meals in a row. GO MARY!

Mel said...

Yup......I feel your pain....

Congratulations on earning that backache.

poppy fields said...

You just inspired me to go do a load of laundry :)

Lamont said...

On chores: I too should try and attack the big closet today... but it's the day off and I want to play.

I look forward to seeing you back to SWB - but know that some weeks quick bread is just fine indeed.


John Ross said...

Well, good for you. I know the aching back thing. productive is good. congrats on the new church space. Hope you'll be enjoying that.