Monday, December 01, 2008

Sleeping with Bread: with Thanks and No Thanks

Thanksgiving week lends itself to examen questions of gratitude. One less decision to make. I like it.

In the last week, when did you feel most grateful?

Well, I didn't have to cook on Thanksgiving. We did have to work on the house, but we worked a little throughout the week and some that morning (mostly Paul) and it all worked out. The day was relaxing and yummy.

I also felt grateful for lots of birthday wishes. Facebook is awesome if you like people wishing you a happy birthday. I had a lot of wall messages, a couple of phone calls, a few birthday presents. My friend Julie made me a birthday dinner when we all were at their house on Friday... salmon, steak, mashed potatoes and more. YUMMY!

I was very, very thankful for Colin and Paul. For reasons to be disclosed in the next section, I was not that productive. Paul kept busy on the kitchen and other parts of the house. Colin did quite a bit of picking up, some vacuuming, and other odds and ends. All without complaint. That is deserving of the Nobel Atypical Teenage Behavior Prize.

In the last week, when did you feel the least grateful?

Let's see. Marley was sick on Tuesday and Wednesday, so Tuesday night I was up with her a lot. Her moans from a high fever woke me up every couple of hours. She will not take ibuprofen or acetaminophen right now. It is sooooo frustrating. I also had a paper due on Wednesday, which was my fault because it was due the Wednesday before. I had been very busy and under the weather due to a migraine, so I asked for an extension. Picture me tired and settling into my paper on Wednesday, early afternoon, when a migraine strikes. Again. Within two weeks. I actually laughed. Welcome to the LUE House, otherwise known as the Theater of the Absurd. I wasn't laughing a few hours later after pushing through to get my paper done. It knocked me out. I wasn't moving too quickly on Thursday but was able to enjoy the day. Friday found the LUE family on their way to see friends. After being there for a couple of hours, BAM!, Migraine 3. I grabbed my meds, drank two cups of coffee, and persevered. I had to lay down a couple of times but managed. Since then I have not felt well. Sensitive to light, headache-y and nauseous.

When I get into a migraine cycle like this, I start to get very depressed. I can handle one once in awhile, but so close together I have this frustration with getting so many and then a fear of getting another one. Right now, I have too much to do to. I can't keep getting these migraines. I need two good weeks. Two weeks. I had plans on getting at least a few things done for school over the break but I got nothing done. I even missed my class tonight because I wasn't up to it.

But still...

I am feeling better tonight. The hormone fluctuations should not present a problem for the next few weeks. Fingers crossed and a lot of prayer and I will get through this. (I actually went forward in church for prayer. I never do that!)


Anonymous said...

Well, happy belated birthday. You and I had very similar weeks from the sounds of it. But no turkey feast for us. Just jello and dry toast. And ginger ale.

Hope you stay migraine free for the rest of 08. Fingers crossed: maybe 09, too.

And yeah for Colin and Paul!

John Ross said...

Whoa, migraines suck! (Or so I'm told, & having only witnessed from across the room).

From the thing I get to have I think I may have some incling of that "fear & loathing" feeling when episodes come to often.

another "Onward through the fog" kind of instance.

Mel said...

You persevere well.

And indeed, the teen is deserving of some hefty recognition....all in the spirit of the holiday, of course.

There's a bad and a worse time to be 'unwell', isn't there?
Can't think of a time when it's actually a good time.....

*hugs and healing thoughts*
Take care, eh?

Anonymous said...

I know well the frustration, fear and hope that cycles through an illness borne on the cycling of hormones.

I sincerely hope that you are through it and you get a great deal accomplished.

Lamont said...

Having empathy for you in the migraine department, praying for your healing.

Happy belated birtday to you - how did I miss that?