Friday, December 12, 2008

Quirks R Us

Tonight I made myself a cup of tea.  The the tea kettle started whistling.  As it did, I realized that I have developed this quirk in my tea making.

Some years ago, I read that when you make tea, it is supposed to be boiling water that you pour over your tea.  The same article said that Americans don't know how to make/serve tea.  The water is never hot enough.

Ever since then, I will not turn off my whistling kettle until my cup is warmed (a whole other quirk) and the tea bag in place.  If I haven't prepared the cup while the water is heating up, I just leave it whistling until I am good and ready.

Now, I know perfectly well that 30 to 60 seconds is not likely to make a difference in the tea. But if I turn it off before the cup is ready, the water won't actually be boiling.  

That's just silly.

What about you?  Care to share a quirk or two?


Mel said...

If I share--then ya'll will KNOW!


edj said...

Well I don't think that's quirky. It's important that your water for tea be REALLY boiling. You don't want to let it boil too long, though, as something happens to the water and your tea won't taste as good. Also it will taste better if you make it in a pot, then pour it into your cup.
I'm sort of a tea nazi. British mother and all that. Sorry. Stopping now.
And I'm not quirky. I am logical. It's others who just aren't doing things right! ;)

John Ross said...

When I eat, I tend to eat all my vegetables first, one kind at a time, and then the meat. I wasn't raised to do that. It kind of developed suring adulthood. Don't know why, other than maybe so that I will be sure to eat my veggies.

Eva said...

I make hot cocoa this time of year in the microwave and I always make it go 30 seconds longer than the "hot beverage" button. I can't imagine it really makes a difference.

Maddy said...

Dearie, dearie me. Tea made in a cup. And just what do you suppose a teapot was invented for? How can you get by on one piddly little cup. Tea should be drunk by the vatful......of maybe that's just my little quirk?

[yes, I made the cakes.]

Anonymous said...

That's not a quirk. It's proper etiquette.

Though like Maddy, I'm shaking my head at tea made in a cup and not in a teapot. You must use a teapot. Extra points for employing with a tea cosy. I'm glad that you are scalding the cup properly, however.

My tea related quirk comes from a Chinese friend. When pouring tea I fill the first cup only half full, then fill-up the rest of the mugs/cups and then return to the first one and fill it the rest of the way. Her reasoning was the first bit of tea poured is the weakest, and the last bit (from the bottom where the tea bag rests) is the strongest so pouring half and half evens out the strength.