Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I have sober briquette to thank for this...

In my 28th NaBloPoMo post, I made a comment about not being able to do anything for 30 days that I really needed to do, but I could get NaBloPoMo accomplished.

Sober briquette commented on that commented by saying that, "...now you know that if you made the commitment to exercise every day, you could do it."

Gee thanks!  Now I keep thinking about that and feeling like I should do something about it.  Of course, what better way to hold myself accountable than by announcing it on this blog.  (Shhh... I know I have announced good intentions in the past.  Shhh!)  Taking NaBloPoMo as my inspiration, I am creating my one woman challenge: December Exercise Daily Month or DeEDMo.  I had to add that extra 'e' or else it would day DEDMo and I didn't like the sound of that!

My commitment is very low key.  I will do some form of exercise every day in December.  It might be my AM/PM stretch DVD or a quick walk around the block.  I may get inspired and go for a really long walk.  Somehow though, something will get done.  Hopefully I will see enough benefit to see me to January when I will hopefully begin a proper exercise program.  I have a hard time seeing myself being successful at school next semester if I am not feeling more energetic.

So, DeEDMo is a challenge for myself.  I am not making badges, buttons, or dohickies of any sort. If someone wanted to join me that would be great.  I love company.  Either way, I will post my daily bit.  The side bar is kind of full right now, so I will probably just do a quick post on days I am not already posting.  

I've already done today's exercise (and I did exercise yesterday).  Here is my official tally:

December 1, AM Stretch workout (25 minutes)
December 2, AM Stretch workout (25 minutes)

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

OK! Do the Deed!

I am trying to lose 6 lbs this month, and it will require a lot of commitment to change my eating and exercising habits. Not to mention this achilles tendonitis to which I will be giving up three hours a week in therapy that does not constitute exercise.

Which is to say: I need all the support I can get/give!

ewe are here said...

I wish you much luck with your exercise plan!

daisies said...

what a fabulous challenge :) wishing you the best of luck, xo

Anonymous said...

Does web surfing count? Depending on the sites I visit, my heart rate does speed up.

Anonymous said...

Point of clarification. I was NOT referring to PORN! I meant sites about horribly named babies! Or news articles about terrorists killing innocent people in India! Or hate/fear mongering politicians! Or REALLY BADLY NAMED CELEBRITY BABIES! Or that skinny jeans are STILL in fashion! You know. IMPORTANT STUFF.

Mel said...

<-- laughing at SB

I do wish good things for you.
I'm a firm believer in the ability of human beings to accomplish anything they set their minds TO accomplish.
And a believer in the 'practice it for 45 days and it's YOURS' deal.

<-- needs to practice a few things for 45 days

Muthering Heights said...

Good luck! :)