Friday, December 12, 2008

The State of the Blogger Address

DeEDMo is, indeed, DeaDMo.  I haven't exercised since those sit-ups, although I can claim busyness of an extreme nature.  I won't have succeeded in exercising daily in December, but I am getting back on track--today.  Between a 10 a.m. meeting and a 7 p.m. gymnastics lesson for Marley, I don't have much on the books.  Exercise will happen today. 

For all intents and purposes, my semester is over!!!!!!  There are one or two little details to finish up--a reflective journal entry to write for the program and a meeting with one instructor to go over the key assignment--but the real work is done.  Yippee!!!!

Finally, this is what greeted me on my home page this morning:

Looks like this blogger has some reading to do over the next couple of weeks.


John Ross said...

Exercise is good. Not berating yourself for missing exercise is also good. Happy end of semester. My daughter just called to lament that she thinks she may have to retake College algebra(scary final)
We are an algebra challenged family(odd, since my father with his 10th grade education can do some algebra in his head - smart guy)

Anonymous said...

RIP DeEDMo -- you are great in theory. In practice? Not so much. Kinda like aging gracefully.

Good news about school! And as for your Google reader -- that's why I love the "mark all as read" button.

Mel said...

HOLY buckets. As if class wasn't sticking you with enough reading?

Ah well...I'm gonna hope you set the goal for January and not February.

Ummm....kinda does have a ring to it?

Anonymous said...

FeEDmo - yeah, that sounds like me.

The only "exercise" I have done this month has been therapy for my bum ankle. Have totally avoided the scale and indulged my sweet tooth, too.

I hope you enjoyed a work out what ever day this was. I'm looking forward to getting back on track, but seriously? When I'm too stressed to find the time. (FOUR rooms painted!!)

Jessi said...

I tend to have more than a thousand posts sitting in my reader most times. I don't feel like I ever get caught up!