Sunday, September 23, 2007

Um... I don't think so!

Julie over at Using My Words recently posted her celebrity lookalikes. I did this once before months and months ago but thought I'd try it again. I remember the first time gettng some very intereting results.

These were results were interesting but in a different way. Is it just me or is the main point of commonality between me and these celebrities (many of whom I've never heard of) just long, swept over to the side bangs? And then in the middle of that pack of people is Vince Vaughn? I don't think so.

I should try a different picture and see what results I get.


Alpha DogMa said...

Yes, I noticed the bang/fringe theme, too. But I think there is some accuracy: you and your look-alikes all have lovely wide smiles.

Who is David Desrosiers? Jesse Chimnazzo? Jan Dong-gun? I'm a longtime People and US Magazine reader and I do NOT recognize these 'celebrities.' It seems like whenever people do this meme, there are always a few obscure names - or am I just out of touch?

I'll have to go and see if myHeritage is Mac compatible yet. I so desperately want to play. Just to prove to the world that I DO look like Jolene Blalock. At least in my imagination.

liv said...

Well, apparently I'm mostly Asian featured. And, the biggest percent look-alike at 78% is Kate Beckinsale, so I'm thrilled, naturally!!

Anonymous said...

I was shocked by mine - both the bad and good.

Moshe Dayan and Reese Witherspoon. Huh.

Jozet said...

You do have a gorgeous smile! But, I think you look most like Katherine Bell.

I did that once, and it told me I look like celebrity blogger, Julie Pippert. ;-)

Beck said...

Apparently I look more like Kelly HU than anything else in the world, with a startling 98% resemblence. Because I am so very, very Asian.
I think you're lovely and I DO see the Catherine Bell resemblence!

Her Bad Mother said...

I needed this laugh. You, a Vince Vaughn lookalike. Mwa-ha-ha!

Mad Hatter said...

Totally Mandy Moore, IMHO. Too bad they don't have a picture of her smiling here.

Casdok said...


Julie Pippert said...

LOL at's true, we do look related, like she's the pretty smart sister.

Actually, I thought you look like a relative of mine too (not a specific one, just related to me like the really cool sister).

But I don't quite see the right celebrity here...who's that David person?

I think Catherine Bell is closest though.

Using My Words

Kellan Rhodes said...

I think you look most like Mandy Moore - lucky you!

atypical said...

I agree that there is some resemblance with Mandy Moore (especially under the eyes, around the nose), at least in these two pictures. these things always make me giggle a bit, partially because I can't even see a similarity between most of the celebrities who pop up.

I thought about doing this one once, but I think the only frontal view pic I have of myself on the computer is from when I was in first grade. LOL


Sheila said...

I love you! I just spent an hour playing with this - SO FUN!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, you do have a bit of a Mandy Moore look going for you (and that's a good thing). I visited that website a year ago and still haven't returned. It was upsetting.