Friday, September 07, 2007

My Virtual Trophy Case

I've been blessed with an embarassment of riches in the bloggy bling department lately.

First, Mommy off the Record nominated me for my first Perfect Post. The concept of grief as it applies to sending your beloved child off to school in my rerun of Kindergarten
hit close to home for her. Thanks MotR!

Perfect Post Award for August 2007

And in rapid succession, I was awarded the following awards -

From Aliki at World of One Thousand Different Things:

From Sophie at A Hole in the Fence:

And finally, from Julie at Julie Pippert: Using My Words (formerly the Ravin' Picture Maven:

Thanks to everyone who gave me these acknowledgements and who also said nice things about me. It is truly a blessing at this time when I am feeling a little out of my element. By my own choosing, my life has been turned upside down. A little love from some friends feels nice right now.

(I'll pass these on officially sometime in the next couple of weeks. I wanted to say thanks now before I forget.)


mcewen said...

Ahh. Nothing like a little lovie here and there to boost the spirits. Sorry to hear that you were down in the dumps. Hope that the weekend brings you more unexpected cheer.

Julie Pippert said...

Ah you! An embarrassment of riches, richly deserved!

I'm glad this all came at a needed time. :)

Using My Words

EnnuiHerself said...

And you deserve each and every award . . . you're a wonderful blogger!

ewe are here said...

Wow! That's a lot of bloggie bling in one go! But you definitely deserve it, congrats!

Mel said...



I'm likin' THIS brand of 'when it rains, it pours'! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Wow, you're just collecting awards like it's going out of style. I haven't even heard of two of them. Congrats!

Lindsey said...

Congrats Mary!! You deserve them all!

daisies said...

yay for all the bloggy love and yes they are all very deserved ... sending you warm hugs!! xox

Sophie said...

It's true! We love you and your writing. Well deserved award, I say.