Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A brief update... just in case you were wondering.

Not good: Humidity making the temperature feel 5 - 10 degrees hotter than it really is.

It could be worse: It is only in the 80s with a "RealFeel" in the low 90s. A few days ago, it was 105 pickin' degrees with a RealFeel of who-cares-anymore.


Not good: Stubbed my toe. Ouch! Ouchity-ouch-ouch!

It is worse: It is the same toe I stubbed, broke, whatever last Spring. The one that hurts for weeks and weeks and still hurts on occasion if I wear the wrong shoes.

Not good: Tomorrow is Thursday. THURSDAY! Thursday is my long, long day. I spend it trying to get things accomplished, like reading chapters on Content Area Literacy and the APA Publication Manual, before 3:30 when I head over to school for 5 to 6 hours of classes. I come home exhausted but hyper and hungry.

It could be worse: I turned into loner-Grad-school-chick tonight and blasted through almost all of my reading and some miscellaneous assignments. Tomorrow I just have to get my work done at the church office, read one chapter on study skills (a timely chapter, I have to say), and prepare a mini-class for Marley's class on poetry recitation. Really, it could be worse.

Good: My husband is in town. He installed the small window unit-air conditioner in our bedroom so I can sleep. He took care of everything from 4:00 p.m. on tonight, including getting a grande, decaf mocha. Ahhhh. Yummy.

It could be better: Where's my maid? I need a maid. There is shrapnel from Point A to Point B in this house, worse than usual, and I just can't do anything about it. Too hot. Too busy. Too much in need of temporary vegetative state.

Eh, not so great: I've been too busy to comment on blogs the last few days. I feel like I'm missing out. I've read a few posts, but not too many. I don't like that my time is so tight and my energy for even reading blogs is so low right now.

It could be worse: Once things cool off and the school routine gets going, I'm sure it will be better. I know that my class work will intensify but I'll manage. And you guys aren't going anywhere, right? You'll still be waiting for me when I have a few moments to visit, right?
Anybody there?


daisies said...

hello hello ~ thanks for the update, i have been wondering how school has been going and envying you just a wee little bit :) hugs!! xox

Terri B. said...

I'm still here. My schedule sounds very similar to yours (different stuff, same busy) and I haven't posted in ages, don't know when I will, and have commented at very few blogs. Maybe our blog friends will still remember us someday when we re-surface.

Sophie said...

Your life sounds busy but wonderful. When it rains, it pours!

Stop on by when you catch your breath. I have a little something for you:

Beck said...

Good for you for focusing on how things AREN'T that bad (even when they ARE kind of hard). Glad to see you posting.

Aliki2006 said...

I always love how you look at the positive side of things, weighing the good with the bad.

Alpha DogMa said...

If it makes you feel better: it was 5 degrees here last night. Granted that is celsius, but still it was depressingly chilly.

EnnuiHerself said...

Don't worry. You just focus on taking care of business and we'll be here waiting for you.

metro mama said...

I'm taking time from being grad school loner chick to tell you I'm here. Now, back to my Foucault.

atypical said...

k, well, I can promise to be here at least as much as I have been (which is even less than you have been), but I HOPE to be here more than that! And I don't even have half as much on my plate as you do on yours. I guess I'm just not adjusting so well to the new "Farewell to the night owl" schedule around here.

Missing you and thinking about you.


P.S. I have one of those toes too...

P.P.S. I WILL get around to writing something in regards to the lovely bling you gave me at some point in time (soon I hope).

Anonymous said...

I need a maid too. Preferably one that's free.

Julie Pippert said...

Woohoo an update! Sleeping with bread-esque no less!

That's quite a list. Good for you on the school stuff and hope the toe is better.

Hey something for you at my place...

Using My Words

Emily said...

Not going anywhere. WHich could be for better or worse...

Mel said...

Silly woman.......

It'll even out and you'll get some time to catch your breath, really you will.

And we're not going anywhere, yaknow!

*hugs and calming, peacefilled thoughts sent your way*