Friday, September 08, 2006

A Room with an Obstructed View

Colin is at his first high school football game tonight. He skateboarded over to his friend's house with a few dollars in his pocket and by now they've headed over to the game.

From our backyard you can hear the sounds coming from the high school stadium. I wish I could watch him. I wonder who he will talk to. Will he watch the game or just hang out talking with his friends? Will there be girls hanging out with them?

It reminds me of a story someone once told me about his first day of school. He wanted so badly to walk to school on his own. His mother relented. . .
She just followed him in the car.

If there were any way I could get away with it, I would be following my kid around tonight--with a camera. Not to make sure he is safe. I just would love to watch him as he enters this next stage of life.

Of course, that is what this next stage means for me and Paul--our view of his life is now obstructed.



L-Girl said...

Hey Mary-

LOVE the new look!! It's so friendly! I remember my mom thinking the same thing about my brother when he went to his first football game. I'm older, and when I went, they probably worried too, but for some reason, they were more worried about him. He was fine, and still is 10 years later! Hope he (and you and Paul) had a good evening!

Silent Spring said...

Oh my Gawd! I stumbled across your blog this morning and I thought I was reading about my life last night! EXACTLY the same sentiments. My two pre-teens walked 3 blocks to the Friday night football game last night all by themselves for the first time. We've done it many times as a family, yet this year they want to go with friends. So, I was in the back yard doing some gardening and then sat on the back patio -- from where I can see the stadium lights -- listening to the crowd scream and the band play. Right after half time they called to check in and I could hear the breathless excitement in their voices as they told me who they were hanging out with and how crazy the home crowd was, and how much fun they were having and that the LOVED me and not too worry. Then they said they'd walk home and not to come and get them because everyone else was walking home, too.

I too which I could have been there just to watch them and see them interact with their friends and other people. Fun spying. I was happy for them last night, but it hurt at the same time.

Thanks for the great blog!

Silent Spring said...


How do you put the "100 Things" on the front page of a blog? I want to do that!! Yours is great. I agree with "Imagine" being the stupidest song ever. I just read a great article about it this morning, actually.

I also LOVE your sleeping with bread thing.

Thanks again...I linked your blog on my site. :)

Mommy off the Record said...

Oh man, I am dreading the teenage years if only because I know my son won't want to "hang out" with mom anymore. It just won't be cool. And that makes me sad. But deep down, they love us the same, right? Even if they won't let us take their picture anymore? *sigh*

p.s. LOVE your new template. Very bright and clean!