Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Let me introduce you... Tyrone and Elina Wells.

Tyrone and Elina are friends of ours. They are both talented singer/songwriters who are currently touring the eastern U.S. Tyrone is promoting his new CD, Hold On and Elina, joining her husband, is getting a chance to perform some songs from her first CD, Elina.

Tyrone has been pursuing his music career for awhile now and Paul and I have seen how much his already amazing God-given talents have been cultivated. His skills as a songwriter have grown tremendously and his voice--well, you have to hear it to believe it. He has had successes along the way with several songs being used in different television shows. All his hard work has come to fruition in a recently signed contract with Universal Records. I don't know how long it will take to get the Universal version of his recording, but you can buy the current one here.

Elina spent a lot of the previous year working on a local television travel show. With that behind her, she turned her efforts to this first recording which Tyrone produced (and Paul played guitar on a few songs!) It is a beautiful little CD. Marley's favorite song is Speak to My Heart. I think Constantly is my personal favorite.

In addition to being very talented, you would be hard-pressed to find two more wonderful people around. They are committed to their families and each other. They are passionate about the world around them as evidenced by their recent trip to Nicaragua to visit and minister to orphans and families who live in the trash dumps of Managua. Elina is a sweet spirit who I was able to get to know more in the year or so before her wedding. She is so great that I actually got on a plane last September (I do NOT like flying!) to fly with my family to Hawaii for her and Tyrone's wedding. Now, Tyrone is a cool guy, but if he had married someone else, I'm not too sure I would have braved the trip over the ocean--a really big ocean. ;)

I'm taking the time to introduce you to these two because I am excited to share that a song they wrote together, Dream Like New York will be the featured credits song in the new animated movie Everyone's Hero. New York is a special city to both of them and the version Tyrone recorded is part of the movie soundtrack. So, check out their websites at and There are music bits to listen to and a tour schedule. It is a college tour, so if you are old like me, pretend you are young again and check out a show. Also, if you go see Everyone's Hero, don't forget to wait for the credits to roll. You will love this song.

Oh yeah, one last thing, if you go to Tyrone's site, don't forget to listen to the song When All is Said and Done. He just put it up there in honor of the fifth anniversary of 9/11. This song is so amazing. It is a modern day Danny Boy. (I hope you take that as a uber-compliment, Tyrone.) I defy you not to cry. If you listen and don't get emotional, email me and I'll send you a dollar.

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Shari said...

For some reason, the name Tyrone Wells is so familiar to me. Was he around during our Jaycob days?

BTW, I hear J was back in Fullerton for a while? Or still is? I would love to go hear him sing again.