Saturday, September 16, 2006

Front Yard Spam

We've always had the occasional flyer, business card, pamphlet placed on our front door/steps. Yesterday, though, when I opened the door, the following all came flying through the front door. At once.

Anyone know where I can get a front yard spam filter?


Mom101 said...

Ha! Spam filter - genius!

Try living in NYC where it's Chinese delivery menus under your door like six times a night. Sigh.

Shari said...

LOL! Because we're in a new community, this happens to me on a weekly basis. At least it no longer happens to me on an hourly basis, which is what was happening during the first couple of weeks that we lived here.

Sorry I haven't been around . . . I haven't been blogging or visiting blogs. I've just been too busy with other stuff, but I'm trying to take a moment to visit a few blogs. Did you have a great time in Carlsbad? I love that town.

Mary-LUE said...

Carlsbad was great. It would have been a little easier with Paul around (business trip, again.) The kids are getting old enough that I can manage on my own.

Tyrone Wells is Kerinda's brother that is why he seems famiiar! He and Jaycob are also good friends. If you do check out the movie (I did. It is a good little movie.) Tyrone's song is the very, very, very last song as the credits roll. It is worth the wait, though!

Jaycob is down in the area. He is playing Thursday nights at a small coffe house very close by. He will probably usually go on around 9:00 pm so that may be too late for you. His website it

sunshine scribe said...

A front yard spam filter would be brilliant! We are bombarded with fliers everyday!!

L-Girl said...

What crap!! You do need a yard spam protector. Ugh. My mom used to leave all the crap/junk mail in the mail box to tick off the mail carrier. I told her it wasn't the mail carrier's fault, and she told me that someone had to take the blame. No matter how you look at it, it sure is annoying!

Mommy off the Record said...

OMG--that is hilarious! All that stuff on one day?? Gosh!

We're already being inundated by phone solicitors, junk mail and credit card solicitations. Where will the madness end?

Ms. Kasey said...

We finally got tired of it all. We set up a recorder that was set off by movement and would play the sound of a dog barking. The recorder would go off when someone approached the door. They would usually step back put what they were leaving at the door and then quickly walk away. After this and a few people not many people came around (don't tell anyone, we don't have a dog :) ).