Saturday, February 10, 2007


I wrote a comment today on Alpha DogMa's most recent Flashback Friday post. (Her Flashback Friday posts are worth commenting on.)

I typed in the word verification, signed in with my Google id and password and hit enter.

I read my comment after it was published.

I went about my merry way, blog surfing, walking, taking Marley to her basketball game.

I went back to Alpha DogMa's blog to check other comments on the post.

My comment was gone.

Hmmm... I thought to myself. Maybe I accidently commented on the wrong post. No. No comment on the post previous or after. Maybe my comment was so offensive that Alpha DogMa deleted it. (I'm not sure how a comment on David Letterman could be that offensive.) But there was no "this comment deleted by blog administrator" notification. I know it does that because I've deleted comments before.

I know I'm not crazy. Well, not that kind of crazy. And this has happened before. Two or three times when I've gone back to check on the comments on someone's post. I convinced myself that it was just me. But it is not just me.

Have this ever happened to you?


Em said...

NO... but I don't often go back and check...

Aliki2006 said...

This hasn't happened to me. Sometimes I think I comment and I type in the word verification wrong and then merrily move away from the page. But I've never seen my comment and then found it gone.


bubandpie said...

This happened to me once that I can think of, though I don't clearly remember reading over the comment after it was published, so I just assumed that I had not word-verified properly (though I do habitually check).

You can delete comments without a trace, though: if you check off the box that says "delete permanently (this cannot be undone)" or something to that effect, the comment disappears without any "This has been deleted by the blog administrator" thingy.

Probably that's what happened to you - those comments about David Letterman can get too hot to handle!

Mel said...

*raising hand*

Pick me!!

Twice in the past week.
I was starting to take it personal!

Silly comment eating Moofy Monster....
(yes, I name everything. LOL)

Oh, The Joys said...

Totally. Effing Blogger.

Beck said...

I often click away after I write my comment, too, thinking that it's gone through and it hasn't. I've had comments mysteriously vanish (and no, not because I was being offensive) so I think it's a system glitch.

Alpha DogMa said...

I didn't delete you! I promise!

I'm going to tinker with my settings and do away with the word verification thing (if I can - is this possible?). No one has flamed me (*knock on wood*) so I'm willing to risk it.

Sometimes (notably over at Frog and Toad are still Friends and Mad Muthas) I can't post. Even after 3 or 4 attempts. The short term solution is not empty my cache. I don't know why this works - but wanted to share.

Thank you for the validiation about my Flashback Fridays. Do they seem dark to you? Honestly, they're a bit depressing to write. I had a pretty pleasant (if not boring) childhood but I don't think this is at all represented by this series of posts. Myt goal is to be a bit more cheery next Friday. So please come back to my blog! Please! Don't be scared off! Please!

Mary-LUE said...

Well, I am glad to know I a not the only one although the fact that it happens at all completely baffles me.

B&P, thanks for letting me know about the permanent delete feature. On the odd occasion when I would delete a comment, I prefer for it to be completely gone.

AD, well, thank goodness I didn't offend you. I wouldn't be able to live with myself! ;) As far as whether or not Flashback Fridays have been a little dark... Hmmm... I don't know if I am a good person to ask. I am drawn to the kind of reflection you are doing in these posts, so I get to enjoy the nostalgia AND get my fix for the meaning of it all (in my most dramatic voice).

Julie Pippert said...

It's that word verification and new blogger stuff. I have had more trouble. I've learned to use my backspace key and CTRL-C before hitting post. It was hard enough to write the first time. I know I cannot recreate.

Sorry it happened to you!

P.S. I love so many blogs that still require word verification. Daily I swear to the great pickle I AM DONE with word verification comment spots despite my deep and abiding love for the blogger, like you. Daily I break my sworn statement. What can I say. Love wins I guess. For now. (I did disable word verification and have had no spam...they did promise to fix the filters and it appears they have done. I think.)

V-Grrrl said...

I have had comments disappear.

I hate Blogger and it's word verification crap. Typepad isn't much better.

bubandpie said...

Since I got rid of word-verification I've had about 3 spams, which I've deleted promptly. One was a huge, giant rant that looked like a mixture of offensiveness and total nonsense, and the other two were simply "Nice post" or "Great blog" followed by links to Viagra sites.

Alpha DogMa said...

I'm replying on your blog about your reply on my blog which was about the reply I left on your blog the other day.

Glad to hear that you enjoy the FF series, I'm doing my best not to get too angsty about my past - really, I had a pleasant childhood. I'm going to be all sunshine and light this Friday. Promise.

I'm sorry that we are breaking up over Thursday Next. She seems like a great gal - and I love the concept of the books, but as I'm no Jane Eyre fan I feel a general malaise whenever I pick up the book. I try to make my bookclub entries more about MY experience with the book. I don't even try to be impartial. Can we please still be blog buddies?

Oh, and please ellipse away - I do so love a good dash/hyphen.

Mary-LUE said...

AD, Well, you are so sweet about it, of course we will still be friends! ;)

MarillaAnne said...

Here's what I've discovered in commenting on blogger sites. This is my routine upon completion of a comment.

1) Ctrl+A (selects all)
2) Ctrl+C (copies all)
3) Unless I've written my comment in under 60 seconds, I don't even bother typing in the "secret letters"
4) Enter my blog info
5) Click Publish (forces a new set of letters)
6) Type in new set of letters
7) Publish again

8) Scroll to the bottom of the page to see that it really did post

9) Consider options re continuing to repeat steps above
a) sigh
b) Ctrl+V to paste comment in again
c) make sure that there's no mention of moderation
d) go find a cold drink in the fridge ... or make more coffee

It's still easier to comment on Blogger than a great many other blog wanna be communities -- even with letter recognition on and even if there's moderation.

Glad you and AD worked this all out ... I'm going to go ck her Friday post and maybe get inspired for mine.