Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This One Had Me "Rolling On the Floor Laughing"

ROFL button

Mommy off the Record and Izzy Mom have started the ROFL Award. Like the Perfect Post Award, the ROFL Award is an opportunity to share the bloggy love with others. In the case of the ROFL, it is a chance to share a post that had you Rolling On the Floor Laughing.

I knew right away which post I wanted to nominate this month. Aliki2006 over at World of One Thousand Different Things wrote one day in September about an exchange with her son, Liam called Sometimes you just don't know whether to laugh or cry. I chose to laugh. His way of dealing with her discontent over the state of his room cracked me up. And, if he ever finds a way to market that solution, I know one 14 year old boy who is near and dear to me who will order one in a flash!

Go check out Aliki2006's most inventive little boy.


Her Bad Mother said...

It is a wonderful idea, these awards. We all need to laugh more. Thanks for sharing Aliki - am going to read right now!

sunshine scribe said...

We all do need a good laugh. Thanks for recommending this one.

Aliki2006 said...

Awwww...thanks, Mary-lue for such kind remarks about Liam and the post.

I will treasure his Mamamuter for posterity!