Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Bloggy Book Recommendation

My sister-in-law, TerriB of Tip of the Iceberg just posted on a recent trip to a bookstore. One thing I have noticed in my corner of the blog'verse is that quite a few of us were English/Lit. majors and even more of us are book fanatics. I think the book lovers among us would appreciate this post called Books! Books! Everywhere, Books!.


meredith said...

Hi Mary-LUE
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I fall into the category of a book fanatic blogger. I just can't go without a current book, and one to be read sitting on my night table.
I'll be back :)

Aliki2006 said...

Thanks so much for sending your SIL's books our way--I'm looking forward to adding some titles to my ever-growing list!

metro mama said...

That's true, there are a lot of us! I guess reading and writing go hand in hand.