Monday, May 15, 2006

None of the answers to the following questions are 42!

The computer, Deep Thought, designed to find the answer to the question of
life, the universe and everything.

Well, Julia tagged Michelle and Michelle tagged me. Here's the game. Michelle asked me five quesitons which I answered at her blog and will also post here. If you want me to come up with five questions, tailor made for you, just ask!

1. Is it more essential to develop beliefs or gain knowledge?

I don’t think you can really do one without the other. To a degree I believe they are both essential. I think the pursuit of knowledge alone is dangerous and fruitless. If you develop your beliefs, your knowledge will grow. They follow one after the other.

2. Which vice would you like to indulge in if it carried no risk?

Drunkenness. I’ve only had maybe a dozen alcoholic beverages in my life. I don’t like the taste and I’m too afraid of losing control to ever “really” drink even if it were the most delicious substance on earth. That said, there are times when things have been a little too much and I’ve thought, “Right now, I could really use a drink.”

3. Is there only one soul mate for each person?

No. For all the stories of Romeo and Juliet, Lancelot and Guinevere, and yes, even the true love story of Davy and Sheldon Van Auken from A Severe Mercy, my absolute favorite, I just don’t believe it. I believe in chemistry between two people, compatibility between two people, history between two people. I believe these things can be strong enough sometimes to create the illusion of “the one person” for you, but again, I say, “No.” (It should be noted, for my husband’s sake, that I’ve had this opinion since 7th grade. Scouts honor! And yes, I was probably a little bit of a weirdo in junior high.)

4. Who are your role models?

As a woman, I'd have to say the BFFs! The most amazing women of God, women of honor, character, integrity who’ve been there for me in difficult times and who, as I’ve seen them go through difficult times, provide a most excellent example of submitting to the Lord for me to follow. There are other people I admire writers, historical figures, etc., but the BFFs are my real life, flesh and blood role models.

5. Would you rather be smart, athletic or good-looking?

Smart. Why change what’s been working all these years! (Cheese!)


Juliabohemian said...

good answers!

If it carried no risk, I would totally smoke pot. It's great for the back pain that fibromyalgia gives me. Fortunately, it's illegal AND I have bronchitis, so it's probably a bad idea. Also, I have prescriptions to take it's place which ARE legal.

Mary said...

Love the answers, espcecially the soul-mate one.

And of course you're smart - You're a Mary! ;)

Thanks for the puppy-love comment at my place. You are welcome to come over and chat any ol' time.

Glyn said...


great stuff Mary - I'm with you on the soulmate thing - I think they are made rather than found.


Mary-LUE said...

Okay girls, for Glyn, all in unison. BFFs is Best Friends Forever! Like, how could you not know that? Like, really. Like everybody knows that. Duh!

Actually the BFF thing is an inside joke with my inner circle otherwise known as the Aluminum Azaelas: Michelle, Julie and Tamila.

Glyn said...

Ah. This reveals the sad omission from my life, that I was never a teenage California girl...

So sad. I mean it's like, totally, like tragic, you know?

I mean, you remember that time when Stefanie had that haircut and her dog got run over, and she was like, "Oh my gosh" and we were like "We know" and like, she was talking about her hair and she thought we meant the dog...

How'd I do?

Mary-LUE said...

Wow... Consider myself suitably impressed. (Applause)