Friday, May 12, 2006

Inexplicably? Really?

Warning: pop culture post of very little importance follows:

Okay, I'm not one to post about the entertainment industry and its icons. This isn't because I don't pay at least some attention to all that. In fact, I pay more attention than I care to admit. Let's just say I check out the entertainment links on Yahoo and leave it at that.

However, there is a story on said Yahoo entertainment news that leaves me a little perplexed. Apparently Paris Hilton has a video game coming out and was at some game conference this week to promote it. The perplexing part is the following:
Paris Hilton unveiled her new video game on Thursday, but inexplicably called it by the wrong name as she greeted throngs of fans and photographers.
Inexplicably? The definition of inexplicably is: Difficult or impossible to explain or account for.

What universe is that reporter living in? The ubiquitous Miss Hilton's entire image is almost entirely based on her being a vacuous blonde heiress too wrapped up in her own self to pay attention to anyone or anything else. Wouldn't it have been a better use of the word if she had called it by the correct name and the line had then read:
Paris Hilton unveiled her new video game on Thursday, but inexplicably called it by the right name as she greeted throngs of fans and photographers.
Don't you think? I don't write this as a put-down of Paris Hilton. You can't believe everything you read or see portrayed about somebody. It may all be an act put on deliberately for some reason. The video game may have been called "Diamondquest" the entire time and the name changed at the last minute. Who knows? I just think that it is so weird that a reporter would choose that word to describe that faux pas.

Call me crazy but I think that is inexplicable.

Note: was used to look up three words for this post. I'm a little worried. They were all words I used to spell without thinking. My brain is shriveling. Help me!


Glyn said...

I'm with you on this one. I also find the word 'unique' overused. How many things are truly unique?

add to the list words used so cheaply that they have lost almost all value:

incredible (that which truly is hardly credible)
awesome (that which inspires awe)

and so on...

Mary-LUE said...

So true... I realized recently that people use the words great, wonderful, amazing to describe people all the time. However, if I say someone is good, it means so much more than those other words to me. It is a "lesser" word in our culture today, but to me it means good with a capital "G." Lord of the Rings, save the world from Sauron good. God is so good, good. I use it only rarely because good people are so rare.

Juliabohemian said...

maybe he was being sarcastic.

Mary said...

I am so smiling about need for looking up words (really, my brain just goes on vacation sometimes...), and especially about the "Good" comment here. Very true, and I like being able to tell someone "you're good" or "be good" or "stay good" as reminders that I love them, because that's what that means to me.