Thursday, April 05, 2007

What Mary-LUE Found There

Mary-LUE logged into the blog’verse and found the others there.

“It’s all right,” she repeated, “I’ve come back.”

“What on earth are you talking about, Mary-LUE? asked atypical.

“Why,” said Mary-LUE in amazement, “haven’t you all been wondering where I was?”

“So you’ve been hiding, have you?” said the Ravin’ Picture Maven.

“Poor old LUE, hiding and nobody noticed! You’ll have to hide longer than that if you want people to start looking for you.”

“But I’ve been away for days,” said Mary-LUE.

The others all stared at one another.

“Batty!” said Beck, tapping her head. “Quite batty.”

“What do you mean, LUE?” asked chickenone.

“What I said,” answered Mary-LUE. “It was just after breakfast when I logged off and I’ve been away for days, and had Starbucks, and all sorts of things happened.”

“Don’t be silly, Mary-LUE,” said blackdaisies. “We’ve all been here and you just left a moment ago and now you’re back. And what is this Starbucks, anyway?”

“She’s not being silly at all,” said MarillaAnne, “she’s just making up a story for fun, aren’t you, LUE? And why shouldn’t she?”

“No, MarillaAnne, I’m not,” she said. “It’s—it’s a magic world. There are people there and weather, and I went on a long drive through the Grapevine and saw Jewel-y in a city called Mo-Des-Tow. I stayed at an Inn called Fairfield but there was no blog’verse connection there. This magic world is called Inreallife.”

“Why, you goose,” said Terri B, “there’s no such place as Inreallife; look! You must have had a power surge.”

Then everyone looked at Mary-LUE’s stats; and they all saw—Mary-LUE herself saw—it had only been a few moments since she’d logged off and then returned. There was no Starbucks and no weather, no Grapevine or city called Mo-Des-Tow, only the blog’verse. “A jolly good hoax, LUE,” Lamont said, “you have really taken us in, I must admit. We half-believed you.”

“But it wasn’t a hoax at all,” said Mary-LUE, “really and truly. I went to Inreallife. Honestly I did. I promise.”

“Come, LUE,” said Alpha DogMa, “that’s going a bit far. You’ve had your joke. Hadn’t you better drop it now?”

Mary-LUE grew very red in the face and tried to say something, though she hardly knew what she was trying to say, and burst into tears.

For the next few days she was very miserable. She could have made it up with the others quite easily at any moment if she could have brought herself to say that the whole thing was only a story made up for fun. But Mary-LUE was a very truthful girl and she knew that she was really in the right; and she could not bring herself to say this.


atypical said...

Maybe we should start calling you Mary-LUCY. ;)

I adored this! And you know darn well I have missed you since I have been continually checking in on you here AND at many of your comment stomping grounds.

So, I will be prefessor, with the exception that I really must have even more details! What does real air smell like? Did you see the sun? I have heard rumors it doth burn the skin.


atypical said...

Even if I can't type the word "professor." See, we share that "unable to proofread my own writing until after I hit publish" thing.

Julie Pippert said...


That was wicked awesome!

I DID miss you and I AM glad you are back, and I am a truthful girl who can bring myself to say this.


Alpha DogMa said...

Hello Mary-LOON.
Glad you are back. Never every ever leave us again. We are what matters.
You haven't missed much. Everyone is interviewing everyone else - we're all a tizzy being Bawa Wawa impersonations.
So - where is the latest SWB post? I yearn for your low-fat, low-carb, but still very filling posts.

EnnuiHerself said...

Okay, that was awesome. I'm extremely jealous of super-creative people.

I hope this doesn't hurt your feelings but I was glad that you were gone. Why? Because it finally gave me a chance to catch up on all my blog reading. You're probably the most active blogger that I read. And every time I start to reduce the number of posts I need to to read, there you are with like two more posts!. :) But I'm all caught up now so feel free to blog away.

Mary-LUE said...

T, I wonder what a prefessor would do? Give you your penance before you commit the sin? And yes, the sun doth burn the skin... at least mine, but there is magic lotion in Inreallife called Sun Block, which, if applied, reduces or eliminates completely the burning of the skin.

I got the idea for this post on my drive back and when I got your comment checking in on me, I thought that I couldn't do it because someone had noticed I was gone. Then I thought, what the heck, I'm doin' it anyway.

Thanks Julie! I do know I can count on you for a helping of truthfulness.

ADM, The interviews I've read so far have been really fun. As for SWB, I think I'll get back on track on Monday. I've been sucked into being the Go To Girl for my daughter's school yearbook and that has taken up precious BH (blogging hours).

Ennui, Well, I'm glad to be of service to you! ;) Thanks for the compliment. Really, I just filled in the blanks from The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe, so t'weren't nothin'. (Ooh, is that copyright infringement?)

bubandpie said...


daisies said...

i LOVED this so much i had to read it aloud to my family and they also LOVED this : )

my talented wonder how i've missed you while you pretended to traverse around inreallife and what is this starbucks you write of where lattes come in vanilla scented cravings ...

warm hugs

Pendullum said...

Snicker Snicker...

Beck said...

You're so funny and of course I noticed you were gone! Glad to see you back.

violetkey said...

Mary-Lue that was great!

MarillaAnne said...

LOL this is great! And it's a horrible joke on me ... I've been so dense with this flu that I just assumed that the last SWB was this week's ... Which now that I think about it ... that doesn't make any sense at all ... I read your SWB last week ... this week I came to read your interview. Which I just barely managed ... LOL I don't know ...

DaughterV is actually the one who found this post and IM'd me to come read.

But I was wandering around the apt today in between three hour naps and I got to thinking ... "Either almost everyone I know has gone on vacation, or is sick, or they are reallly awful at self-promotion .. but i didn't think i was hanging out with a bunch of wall-flower types. I give them the chance to talk and they all stop talking ... what's the deal with that?"

So now I know at least your deal :)

I love this!

Of course, now we'll have have to turn this into a meme and entertain ourselves for another two weeks.

ok i'm exhausted now ...

but really i do feel like my little universe is swinging back in place now.

MarillaAnne said...

ok Violetkey is aka DaughterV

and ... let me be perfectly clear ...

my little universe is swinging back in place now that I know where you are.

Terri B. said...

Inreallife ... is that the place to which I go everyday for about 9 or 10 hours where I am required to DO these things that require actual movement and vocalizations and there are these others that seem quite colorful and vivid?? I thought that was just pretend ;o)