Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm at a crossroads... an interactive post.

Okay people, I have 4 - 6 hours to myself. Paul is still in Vegas on business. He Who Wishes Not To Be Mentioned is participating in a grassroots quintathlon with some friends, and Marley is hanging out at a friend's house (a favor which I will reciprocate later today).

So, I need your advice. I have this chunk of time and I'm not sure how to spend it. Here's are my options:

Straighten the house and do some laundry. School is back in session on Monday and Paul is gone until Friday. If I get the house in shape today, it will make life easier for the next seven days.

Grocery shopping. I've been taking something of a vacation from my diet. A combination of circumstances has led to this. One circumstance has been the lack of proper foods stocked in my cupboards. Grocery shopping will help me get back on track quickly.

Watch TV. I have one more episode on my Netflix rental of Bones, Season One, Disc 7. It will take almost an hour to watch. This is just a feel good for me.

Journaling/Scripture Reading/Spiritual Reading. I have to say this is the one I feel like I most ought to do. Watching TV is just for me, this category is for me and good for me. It is also an area I've not been intentional about for weeks and weeks and weeks--which is another way of saying months, but months sounds way more negligent than weeks.

I have already done my exericse. A nice long walk up and down hills with a stop at Starbucks. I was joined by two friends and so I killed two birds with one stone there. It was good for my body and my soul.

So, I doubt I'll get enough input before my time is up. I'm curious, however, as to what you will all recommend. And, if it doesn't help me out this time, I'll have the advice at the ready the next time I find myself in these circumstances--probably not for another year or so, but I can always hope it is sooner!


atypical said...

well, your time is likely up by now.

Normally, I would say to avoid the cleaning at all costs, but since there is a chance it will actually STAY that way for a bit....

Maybe you could do a chore then read some scripture, then do another chore (and finish all of the in time to watch the TV).

Yeah, I know you need to grocery shop too, but that will probably make you too tired to do any of the other stuff.

But wait, what's the sense in cleaning BEFOR Marley's friend comes over?

Ah, told you I was indecisive (but it's okay, since I am too late to be of help anyway)


daisies said...

i would go with cleaning and grocery shopping because with those out of the way, you can do everything else with ease : )

that's what i did last night ... so i can focus tonight (alone 'cause aiden has a sleepover and duke has a gig) on me (oh and writing a paper for work, blerg) sigh.

Aliki2006 said...

What did you decide to do with your time? I envy you the good walk and the Starbucks!

Julie Pippert said...

I can't do anything until my house is clean.

My priority list (and yes, I'd plan it out and time it out, too):

1. 1 hour to tidy and clean

2. 1 hour to grocery shop, including time to and from store and time to put groceries away

3. 1 hour to complete cleaning and start laundry

4. 1+ hours to watch show or read and complete laundry.

This was easy because it's pretty much my every Monday. ;)

MarillaAnne said...

Girl! I hope you did what you can't do as effectively when everyone is hanging around! Enrich your spirit.

If the house is getting on somebody's nerves, they can bloody-well pitch in and help out.

ok well ... i'm going to stop on the first step of that rant ;)