Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Secret Identity: A Sunday Scribblings

I have a decent life filled with the ever present joys and irritations so integral to human relations. BUT. I wonder sometimes how to reach deeper within and touch the passionate spark of essential me-ness in order to let it run free, even amid the triviality of dirty laundry and midnight cries.
atypical, me... again? 04/11/07

A blogger who I've become friends with wrote these words recently. These words which resonated in me like a tuning fork, something that I didn't even know needed to be articulated--an identity which is not so much a secret to others but to myself.

And so, along with my other selves which I am continually exploring, wife, mother, Christian, I also have this self--my secret self--to find and get to know.

If I only had a map.


Poppy Fields said...

I think that there are a lot of us out here doing some soul searching.

atypical said...

I wonder what would happen if we tried to google it?