Monday, April 30, 2007

Sleeping with Bread: There and Back Again

Life has been, well, life-ish this past week. And by that, I mean that there has been a real mix of consolations and desolations. Here are the highlights and lowlights of my week:


I got back on the exercise wagon. In fact, after two fast-paced, long walks on Monday and Tuesday, I was pretty tired on Wednesday.

My friend Kym came to visit with her mom and baby, Kaleb. I've written about Kym before, so there may be some who might be getting tired of me talking about the daugher I had before I had a daughter. It is always a treat to spend time with her; I can't tell you what a treat it is.

Marley's birthday party was a resounding success. She had a great time and you know how much a parent loves seeing their child have a great time.


I have not been successful at getting back on the diet wagon. After my trip to Modesto, I've just struggled with tracking my points and making better food choices.

Physically, I was pretty tired. With the extra tiring walks, a mad dash to clean before Kym came, working in Marley's class on the same day as the party and then... well, this deserves its own bullet point...

The meltdown to beat all meltdowns with my daughter featuring a refusal to go to school and a battle of wills which might be said to resemble the mother/daughter equivalent of the Gunfight at the OK Corral.

I had a visit to the dentist to begin the process of getting a crown. I used to deal with all things dental fairly well. Post sleep apnea diagnosis, though, I am more claustrophobic and panicky during the whole procedure.

But, if I look closely, there are some consolations in my desolations:

Exercise and not eating right is at least better than not exercising and not eating right.

Marley made it to school today. It was still a struggle, but she got there. I think she learned that I mean what I say about her attending school.

I made it through the whole dental procedure and only had to be asked once not to bite down so hard on the assistant's finger.

But yet, there are still thoughts that linger. More substantial bread to bake dealing with forgiveness and spiritual connection and relationships. I've been pressed for time on Mondays or too tired when I get around to my SWB. So, what I'm posting is real but there's more. I should do something about that. I will do something about that. But not tonight. It is time for bed and I think I'll take my bread with me.

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Julie Pippert said...

I find it an equal pro and con (or sometimes leaning more one direction or another) to be goal-oriented (for total lack of a better word---or maybe I mean visionary, let's go with that). It's hard to see what can be, or maybe should be, and sometimes even what must be...and yet get hit with reality obstacles.

In fact, funnily enough, I just posted about the struggle to juggle what I want with what must be.

So I hear you.

And I think it's really wonderful to find the consolation in the desolation.

daisies said...

i am sending you a hug because it sounds like you need one :)

exercise and not eating well is a a good thing because at least you are exercising ... i haven't been eating well either but that is about to change ... we can do it !!


atypical said...

I am going to catch up on my commenting! Oh yes I am! Okay, I admit it, I am trying to convince myself.

We even go through less deep than could be Bread phases together. LOL

Your consolations - nope, never get sick of hearing about people close to your heart. And, I haven't gotten myself back on the exercise wagon since about a month into the puffy ankle thing (and that was awhile ago), so I applaud you profusely!

Your desolations - well, I'll just say I think you did a great job of looking at the consolations from the desolations. That is no easy task, and you did a marvelous job of finding the silver lining in a very difficult list of hardships.

As always, thank you for baking such tasty bread.


Mel said...

There's a bit of good in every thing.....and a bit of bad.

It's good to see the broader picture.
It's gift to give it away.

Thanks for the gift!