Monday, March 05, 2007

Sleeping with Bread: with bloghorrea and very few commas

My mind is ajumble right now. It has been a long, but good, day. Bobby, the hamster is spinning madly around his little pink wheel, all set to ride to Nowheresville for the next eight hours. The whrrr, whrrr, whrrr of his plastic transport provides the background noise for this post. I've got something of a headache and I don't know if it is from allergies, too much sun (Yes. You read that right. It was in the low 80s today.), or low blog sugar levels. I want to watch TV, finish reading What is the What, and blog simultaneously. I know I can manage two out of three, but three out of three would probably make my already aching head explode. I'm using the laptop and a wireless connection which has already proved unreliable enough that an utterly brilliant comment was lost over at The Ravin' Picture Maven's most recent post. (The only good thing about it being lost is that I can claim it as genius and no one can prove otherwise! Hah!) So, what's a woman to do on a night like this? Ramble on like a maniac, of course. It's free form Sleeping with Bread where you take a bunch of ingredients, throw them together in the bread machine and hope it turns out all right.

First, the ingredients, in no particular order.

One viewing of Amazing Grace

One husband on a business trip from Tuesday to Sunday

One son, age 14, put on a plane as an unaccompanied minor for the first time on Friday, returned with father on Sunday

One trip to Petco to leave guinea pigs for adoption

One white-with-black eyes dwarf male hamster purchased complete with all pink Crittertrail cage, breast cancer awareness version. (Really.)

One windy two hour session at Sam's Club selling Girl Scout cookies with clingy daughter who won't speak or look at one person.

One weekend of bad food choices which virtually wipe out all floater points on Weight Watchers plan for the week

One does of further engrossment (Is that a word?) in What is the What

One trip out to the movies with sweet, thoughtful friend (See Amazing Grace above.)

One deduction of 1.5 pounds from total body weight (measured before weekend food binge)

One weekend with daughter alone

One purchase spree of too many items in one weekend for daughter

One generous dash of food for thought regarding identity crisis (see talk with thoughtful friend), purpose and calling in life (see Amazing Grace), epiphany regarding Year of Restraint (in car alone)

Mix all these ingredients together and you come up with a jumbled up, tired in a good way woman.

A woman who is thankful for her comfortable bed at 8:41 at night.

A woman who is a little sun- and wind-burnt.

A woman who was surprised at how well her daughter entertained herself at home while said daughter's brother was out of town.

A woman who cannot stand the state of her house one more week and has requested her husband take a day off this week, said day to be dedicated to the ordering of the household--no excuses.

A woman who is relieved her son's travel was without incident.

A woman who cannot get out of her head the use of the term unaccompanied minor in the book What is the What to describe these poor Sudanese boys who experienced so much over so many years and then cannot help but compare their experience to that of her son who, for a fee of $75, was literally escorted to and from the plane and handed into the hands of his father in Dallas.

A woman who's ready to watch Heroes and get lost in the world of cheerleaders who can't die, policeman who can read minds, artists who paint the future, political hopefuls who can fly, former Dr. Whos who are invisible, cute Japanese men who manipulate time and desire to fulfill their destiny to be heroes.

As always, this week's Sleeping with Bread posts will be found here.


atypical said...

I was just about to post a "Where are you?". LOL

I am grateful for your gratitudes and full of prayer for some of your more pungent ingredients.

I'm glad someone else knows Mr. Invisible was once the good Doctor.


P.S. I am actually thinking of changing my blog clock to western time to make it look like my bread is usually prompt. ;)

Mel said...

*hanging head*

I'm now hungry for Girl Scout Cookies.....

SEE how easily I get stuck on the little things?!

And why is it children turn mute at the darndest times?

metro mama said...

I wish I had too much sun right now. It is minus 15 here today!

Beck said...

Sun, you say? THere's no sun here - much like Metro Mama, except subtract 20 more degrees! Brrrr.

ewe are here said...

Ooh. Girl Scout cookies. Now all I can think about are Thin Mint cookies -- it's been years since I had those!

Julie Pippert said...

What you wrote about the unaccompanied, that hit right HERE in the heart

What a week...and you say my life is busy? ;)

I got my husband addicted to Heroes. I'm such a very bad influence. ;)

Terri B. said...

I actually wrote a Sleeping with Bread for this week. It IS Monday today ... right? Right??

Her Bad Mother said...

Am squelching heart lurches over 'unaccompanied minor' to think longingly of GS cookies and Heroes... mmmm...

MarillaAnne said...

Hey Mary, Just to make Terri B feel better I posted my Sleeping with Bread for last week on last Friday!

It's L O N G LONG L O N G LONG! LONG! Did I mention L O N G?

That's what happens when things have time to sit in my brain and the yeast rises.

Last week was so off! I felt like a fish outta water. I finished last week's "Little" project and a round of insomnia so I'm hoping this week on my blog will be so much better.

Still ... That post on Friday ... sooo long ... can I count it as this week's Sleeping with Bread, also? It's still early though ... who knows I may become inspired ... ok ok i'll make up my mind and let you know something by noon your time.

Ok, now, back to you ... what an amazing mush-up of events and items. I really enjoyed how you intro'd us to this one and then laid it out. By the end of it, I felt like I could understand ... more ... I felt much closer to your reasons AND emotions that went into your headache, your divided interests, and your feeling of blessings that left you amazed and content.

In fact, while I was having one the most off weeks I've had in a while, You had a most excellent week of writing ... real writing that makes real people say ... "Oh wow! I totally see your life so much better and, oh yeah, I see my life better, too!"

That is sooo cool! To me that defines great writing. Congrats on an excellent week.