Monday, October 19, 2009

Proof That Twitter Makes You Crazy

I went a little insane the other night. One of the people I follow decided to hold a contest to give away a Google Wave invite. Here is the transcript of what happened. (Note: I use TweetDeck, a Twitter managing application. Sometimes the tweets are posted out of order.)

D. B. Grady, author and tweeter extraordinaire makes an announcement:

dbgrady Okay people listen up! I've got Google Wave invites, but you've got to earn them. The first person to answer this question gets invite #1

dbgrady On my blog, I compare the "water breaking" during childbirth to a scene from this movie. Go!

a_crezo @dbgrady the shining. And it's like that. But I don't want an invite. :)

MaryLUE @dbgrady @a_crezo Give me hers, then. I'm curious what all the fuss is about.

MaryLUE @dbgrady Unless it's the Watchmen

dbgrady The water breaking during childbirth is like that elevator scene from The Shining! @kaosblaze FTW!

a_crezo Yeah, @dbgrady, hand it over to @MaryLUE. I like her. :)

MaryLUE @a_crezo Thx! The feeling is mutual. And the bugger @dbgrady already gave it away!

a_crezo @MaryLUE lol! I bet he's got some more contests up his sleeve.

dbgrady One more Google Wave invite giveaway tonight...

dbgrady First to answer gets Google Wave invite #2: On my blog, I frequently mention conversations a close fellow reader. What's her name?

MaryLUE @dbgrady I DO NOT KNOW!!!!!

dbgrady @MaryLUE Start reading :)

MaryLUE @dbgrady I'm skimming as we speak.

MaryLUE @dbgrady R we allowed more than 1 guess? If so, I'm gonna throw a dart & say @a_crezo. If not, then that's not my guess.

a_crezo @MaryLUE it's not. Lol

MaryLUE @dbgrady K. Rachel Sternbergen-Friedman

dbgrady @MaryLUE Nope, not @a_crezo.

dbgrady @MaryLUE Keep trying.

dbgrady So close! @Synchrome, you lost to @MaryLUE by 10 seconds! Better luck next time! :) Mary, DM me your email address.

a_crezo @MaryLUE yay! Have fun making embarrassing social gaffs with @dbgrady. I'm too self-concious for GWave. Lol

MaryLUE @dbgrady Aaralyn Montgomery

MaryLUE @dbgrady Pamela S. Thibideaux

MaryLUE @dbgrady Angie

dbgrady @MaryLUE You already won! It was K. Rachel! Send me your email and I'll invite you.

MaryLUE @dbgrady Melissa Techman

MaryLUE @dbgrady Your baby.

a_crezo @dbgrady TweetDeck is having seizures. I think she's missing some tweets. Lol

via Direct Message:

dbgrady LOL STOP GUESSING! You WON! Send me your email address so I can invite you! :)

MaryLUE @a_crezo The TOTALLY hilarious part of this is that I really do not even know what Google Wave is or does or WHY I'd want it!

via Direct Message:

dbgrady It was K. Rachel. You won by 10 seconds. :)

MaryLUE @a_crezo @dbgrady And yes, I can see know that I missed a tweet! I blame it on my intense focus in skimming & scanning the blog.

MaryLUE @dbgrady P.S. Thanks!

MaryLUE @a_crezo @dbgrady see "NOW" not "know"

MaryLUE FWIW Twitterverse, I have know been invited to Google Wave. Once I know what it is, I'll tell you if I like it!

None of the names have been changed because they were all on public pages.


Anonymous said...

Google Wave is like an episode of Lost. I have no idea what's going on, it's messing w/ my head, I'm bit frightened and I keep hoping Naveen Andrews will turn up shirtless.

Nonetheless: congrats.

slouchy said...


quadelle said...

Love your enthusiasm for something you're not even sure you want. Does this signify a competitive streak or just too much time on your hands?

Mel said...

Wow. LOL Congratulations.....I think.....

ennuiherself said...

Heh. I had a similar conversation on Facebook the other day. One of my friends from high school - a total tech geek - said that he had Google Wave invites. My response? "What is it? I want it!"

It's from Google, obviously it's awesome.

gretchen from lifenut said...

I remember when gmail invites were like Superbowl tickets. Everyone wanted one.

I want to know what Google Wave is too. Please spill it when you find out. I hate the thought of technology passing me by, even when I don't adopt the technology (i.e. the fact I just joined Twitter 2 days ago).

Terri B. said...

I keep hearing "google wave" in passing and then get distracted by something else before I find out what it is. I'm still in the dark.

Terri B. said...

Oh, and what is up with the distraction level lately? I feel like the dog in "Up" ... yak yak yak "Squirrel!"

Violet Ink said...

Is it weird that I understand your excitement for something not yet understood? I agree with Ennu, it's from Google, has to be good. I've been watching the original demo video about it:

So, Mary, have any invites? LOL.