Saturday, September 06, 2008

For love of the dictionary

Is it just me or am I little weird for looking up the correct spelling of keister on

Am I a little weirder for caring if I spelled keister correctly?

Am I well into the weird zone for how much I love

Am I truly all the way gone to weirdsville for paying for a one year subscription to so that I can click on the little speaker button and listen to the pronunciation of the word I am looking up?

You can be honest with me.

I'm a word geek, aren't I?


Lamont said...

Do you know how I spent Labor Day Eve?
hours and hours and hours of Scrabble.

Cool geeks we are! Stand proud my fellow dictionary lover.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think you have money to burn because you actually are supposed to understand all the sound symbols and accents and stuff. Kind of like reading music for people who can hear it in their heads, I figure.

I admire your desire to spell correctly. I always have a tab on my browser for, although I also have a desktop widget dictionary. I don't think it makes me a geek (even when I check both). I think it makes me a) a procrastinator or b) insecure in my knowledge. Claiming to be a word geek would be a step up.

Anonymous said...

So keister can be used to refer specifically to the anus? I just thought it was used for the general bum-region. And for a suitcase? Fascinating.

Yes, you're a word geek. And we love you for it.

EnnuiHerself said...

You can hear the pronunciation for free on Merriam-Webster: :)