Saturday, July 12, 2008

Live from U.S. Interstate 10

Day four of the LUE family vacation. I'm typing to you somwhere just outside of Las Cruces, New Mexico. After spending three days in Phoenix where Paul has some business, we packed up the minivan (rented) and headed out around 9:15 a.m. The view outside any car window is flat, scrubby landscape, mountians in the distance, and blue skies with white puffy clouds.

Is this not the most fascinating blogging ever?

While I do stil expect overall behavior to deteriorate, so far the kids are managing. Of course, we have the following electronics available:

1 Pink Nintendo DS
1 Toshiba Satellite laptop (we have a car charger for the PCs and a Blackberry for wireless internet.
1 HP Pavilion laptop
1 iPod
2 XM radio receivers

We also spend time finding license plates from other states. So far we have spotted plates from 32 states and two countries. I meant to buy some travel games before we left and forgot. Anyone have any suggestions for games to keep Marley entertained?

Well, I decided that boring blogging was better than no blogging and I didn't want to go too long in between posts. I have been getting back into the rhythm of blog reading but the internet hookup in Phoenix was problematic. Hopefully I will have time to write more interesting posts in the next few days!!!


Anonymous said...

Well, I've no advice to give. But it sounds like you've got things well managed. So where is your final destination? How long is the trip?

Maddy said...

Just skip England!

John Ross said...

Yup, I have done the Oklahoma/Kansas/Missouri family visit trip from home in Portland, OR a number of times with our now 4 year old son. The last time when an airport security lady asked him if he could tell her his name he immediately droped to fetal position on the floor and started wailing histerically at the top of his lungs. Needless to say, we were passed through post haste. Fortunately, the plane rides themselves were kid uneventful.

Always enjoy reading your blogs.

If you're interested, mine is at Love this life, Onward through the Fog


Alpha DogMa said...

Psst...I tagged you for a meme.