Monday, July 28, 2008

Let's Catch Up... (Now with Earthquake Update!)

We interrupt this meme to let you know that the LUE household did indeed feel the recent 5.4 earthquake located in Chino Hills, California (approximately 20 miles away). The LUE house did some rockin' and a rollin' but sustained no damage. A good time was had by Marley-LUE and her friend. Mary-LUE retained her composure very well considering her strong fear of those danged things. We hope that there is no serious damage or injuries. We now return you to our regularly scheduled meme:

Alpha DogMa tagged me for a meme. Here's the deal...

Think back on the last 15 years of your life. What would you tell someone that you hadn’t seen or talked to for 15 years? How would you sum up your life? You get 10 bullet points. A list of 10 things to summarize about you. At the end of your list, tag 5 more people and send on the love…

I've been thinking on this for a few days now and finally, tonight, here is my list. I kind of had a friend in mind when I wrote this. Back in my Dallas days, I knew a woman named Linda. She is a comedian and a film maker. We kept in touch a little after I moved to California but haven't spoken in years. Whenever I think about her, I smile. She was funny, warm, creative, kind. Like no one else.

I googled her yesterday. I can't remember what made me think about her... anyway... I came across a couple of clips that I think you should go check out when you are finished. (I'll link the clips at the end of this post.) I think you will laugh and see a little bit of the woman I knew.

And so, Linda, it has been a long time. Here's a little of what I've been up to in the last 15 years:

1. Added a second kid to the family. The kids are eight years apart—rather, 7 years and 49 weeks, to the day. Colin is 16 and Marley 8. They would crack you up.

2. Celebrated 20 years of marriage—mind-boggling, not because I’m surprised by it, but just because I cannot believe that much time has gone by.

3. Started grad school—blah, blah, blah, Reading Education Master's, blah, blah, blah, focus on postsecondary developmental reading, blah, blah, blah. (Anyone reading this blog is probably sick of hearing about it, but for the person who I haven’t spoken to in forever, this is news.)

4. Went to the Van Gogh exhibit at the LACMA of art twice. To die for.

5. Sadly, experienced the death of one brother, one grandmother, one aunt, one uncle, and one father.

6. Was part of a church planting team and part of the leadership of that church for close to 10 years—still attend but just are not as involved in leadership.

7. Started blogging!!!!! Even though I am a sad sack blogger at best these days, this was a big deal in writing for me, opening a new community to me, etc.

8. (For Alpha DogMa), attended one Star Trek convention and am working on some day attending ComicCon—Joss Whedon rocks!

9. Didn’t go to New York City (yet), didn’t go to Ireland (yet), didn’t go to England (yet), didn’t go to Greece (yet), and finally, didn’t go to Italy (yet).

10. Became more myself, yet completely changed. I think people who knew me then would say I am much the same: talkative, outgoing, a good friend, etc. But I am also free of some emotional burdens and saddled with others. I am forever changed by the experience of being a parent—those kids will get to you every time. I am 20 years into marriage and would not give up the things I’ve learned in that time to be 20 years old again. I have seen people at their best and people at their not so best. I have developed relationships that I think I will treasure forever and let go of relationships that were unhealthy. I may not have “done” that may things in the last 15 years, but I have spent time doing what I love best, being with people.

So, it is my turn to tag. (Wow, I haven't done this in a looooong time.) Okay. I tag Michelle, TerriB (I know you are on a break, but this can wait until you are back in the 'verse.), Maddy, Riley, and Meredith.

And here are the clips for you to watch:

Adopted and Ten Year Old Dog
(The second video may work best in Explorer.)


Maddy said...

Oh my gosh! [couldn't work the second video by the by] First video = spectacular.

Sadly, I lack the technical skills to reciprocate but at the weekend, I shall do my best to respond [however inappropriately!]

[I do most of my writing at the weekend / late at night for reasons that you already know]
Best wishes

Mary-LUE said...

I'm glad you liked the first video, Maddy. No worries on the timing. When you get to it, you get to it. I think I had to watch the second video in Explorer. It wouldn't work for me in Mozilla.

Anonymous said...

What? You tagged all those people and didn't THREATEN them? You are a nice person. Thanks for doing this.

I am 20 years into marriage and would not give up the things I’ve learned in that time to be 20 years old again is my favourite part. I gotta remember this.

I would LOVE to go to ComicCon! I've got to get my lil' boys on board so I can swing the vote to get a family vacation to ComicCon. Or a Star Trek convention! Or camp out in front of Joss Whedon's house. Whatever. I'm easy.

Now I'll go watch those clips.

Anonymous said...

Ten Year Old Dog (works in Safari, too!) was sooo funny. I don't think I could handle a Pip. Ralph is much more my speed.

John Ross said...

Mary lue,

Always enjoy what you write, and the way you write. Very human being stuff. The last 15 years meme/journey is good. Hmmmmm.... A meme takes a journey. we, as humans, take our journeys. A meme is a reflection of, and an extension/function/junction of humanity. (heh, heh - I made me think conjunction-junction-what's-your-function) Ok, obviously too tired to function coherently here.
(at this junction in time)

MarillaAnne said...

Okay! Let's catch up! Are you okay? Mandatory check-in required! Hurry up and say you're okay.

Mary-LUE said...

Hey Pam (marillaanne),

I was just updating as you made your comment. We are all just fine. Initial reports seem to be mostly minor damage... It is still too early to tell...

All Rileyed Up said...

I'm so excited! I never get tagged for anything!

I want to go to ComicCon one day too.

EnnuiHerself said...

Hey, good to see you back!

I can't even begin to think of what I'd list. Fifteen years ago, I was just shy of my 15th birthday. Wow, 15.

Hmm, I know you didn't tag me, but maybe I'll do this meme anyway. This could make a very good birthday post.

EnnuiHerself said...

Oh yeah, glad to hear that you're safe. :)

EnnuiHerself said...

How funny is our cross-commenting? :D

Aliki2006 said...

I love the idea of the last fifteen years, and it was great to read through yours. There's still plenty of time for all the travels you want to make yet--and you definitely have to fit in Greece!

I'm glad you are all okay with the quake...

MarillaAnne said...

LOL thanks ... I did read much sooner but my fingers were busily swamped in SEO and web design conversation and not with the same person on the same topic ... I didn't dare try to split myself one more time for one more conversation ...

BUT your timely update was much appreciated!!

Really we should get caught up. Miss you. (yes i know it's me that's awol)


Anonymous said...

Goodness -- you've been busy.

poppy fields said...

I'll do this...I have a friend that I've been trying to find for ages and this will be my letter to her.

Glad you are okay after the quake :)

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Maddy said...

Very nearly done. What a curse! Who should I curse?

Maddy said...

Done! Please refrain from commenting on wobbling bits, armpits, dress sense or wrinkles.

Shari said...

What an awesome meme, Mary! I loved the part about how you've changed but stayed the same. :-)

We felt the earthquake too. I was upstairs talking to my brother when it happened, and the house definitely rolled a bit. I hate that feeling.

San Diego Web Designer said...

We felt a rumble when the quake hit too...scary!