Saturday, July 05, 2008

Cue Also Sprach Zarathustra...

How's that for a reference? Am I erudite or what?

Actually, I had to call my husband in and ask him, "Is there a name for that music from 2001 Space Odyssey? Not the Blue Danube 'duh duh duh DUH DUH-DUH-DUH' one. The dum, dum, dum, DUMDUM!!!!! one."

Without a moment's hesitation, he said, "Yes. Also sprach zarathustra."

I am duly impressed.

So here I am. My online final was finished around 1:30 p.m. I was less than pleased with it. Not because I don't think I did well. No, my study guide said that we would have 45-50 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer. My actual final had 4 multiple choice questions, 2 matching, and 4 essays. Arghhh!!!! I don't like surprises with school--unless of course, it is, "Surprise! You don't have to take the test!"

I am now beginning Mission-Make-Up-For-Months-Of-Neglect. I took Marley and her friend to the local craft store and bought hats and tote bags and fabric paint. I had iron-on transfers at home, took a picture of the girls, made an iron-on transfer, and then let them decorate with the fabric paint.

You can't see the cute picture, which is on the other side of the tote bag. The girls are thrilled. (I'm glad neatness doesn't count in homemade projects!)

For He Who Wishes Not To Be Named, it was as simple as letting him and his friends light illegal fireworks in the backyard tonight. Our town has a No Fireworks policy.

For myself, well, what I should be doing is going out for a walk. I haven't exercised in months and, oh! do I feel it! I should also be eating better, using my CPAP machine, taking my vitamins, cleaning the house, spending time with my husband. The list. It goes on and on.

But at least I'm blogging, right? Blogging is very, very important. For the next few weeks (see ticker below), I am hoping to write every few days and visit others daily. We will be going on vacation in a few days, but we will have two laptops with us. (I know, I know. What an extravagance!) We even have Verizon wireless and so I can blog from the interstate if I want. Blogging from the interstate may not consist of more than "I hate traveling. I'm hot! My kids are fighting! When are we going to get there?!!!" I'll try not to do that to y'all.

So. I'll be back in the next few days. Officially, my first post back was to be dedicated to atypical. I don't know if this one qualifies. It is such a ramble. I'll keep working on it.

In the meantime, come and by and say hello. Let me know how you've been, what's new, etc. I can't promise I'll be going back and reading too many old posts, but I'll try to keep up from here.

Love you all. Missed you all!


Things I might be writing about in the next few weeks:

My Stellar Academic Career
Vacation, OK and TX style
Family News: long, lost family, drama with a trust -- STAY TUNED!
What I'm (not) reading
The Artichoke of Great Neglect
A New Car!!!!
Spiritual Life, What Spiritual Life?


Maddy said...

Ooo yes you have a lot of catching up to do, but I think the exercise thing is over-rated, just makes your body wear out faster, or at least that's my excuse.

Beck said...

I totally agree with Maddy that exercise just leads to horrible early wearedoutedness. I think you should blog more.

Anonymous said...

Yes, blog more. Then tell us all about school. Any cute boys in your study group?

atypical said...

It counts! I'm not even managing to ramble. Truth be told, I keep hoping to actually get odd pics of everyone in the house so that I can do a starting over post (I mean, goodness, I haven't posted since April).

Hey lady, you have verizon wireless? You wouldn't happen to have the plan which lets you talk free to other verizonites, would you? :)

Your pre-vacation excitement sounds a lot like mine. ;)


Mary-LUE said...

Maddy and Beck, I'll have to adopt that philosophy. Then, when my body gives out from lack of exercise, I can blame it on all the walking I used to do. And blogging is good for my soul, if not my body.

Alpha, Oh my, oh my. You have to understand that most of the people in the reading master's program are elementary education teachers. Thus, we have an average of one man to 12 or more women per class. So far, none of them has rated on the Mary-LUE cute scale. It's a good thing I really am there for the education cuz as a male appreciation exercise -- not happening!

atypical, I'm glad it counts. And yes, as a matter of fact, I do have that kind of Verizon. IN-te-resting!!

All Rileyed Up said...

Lovely song. Welcome back to blogging. I expect the reading won't be nearly as hard to swallow.

Julie Pippert said...

You'll get back to your old ways, but oh-so-glad blogging is at the top of the list. :)

Love the craft. We did that last summer and I've forgotten. I think the kids would love it. Good thinking.

Shari said...

I was just telling Brent how overwhelmed I feel by life, but now I don't feel so bad, after reading how much you're juggling. Whew, Mary. But yes, blog. For us. Lol. We're important. :-)

Actually, what's funny is that sometimes Flickring and blogging eases my stress, so it seems to help me get more done. I just need that release, you know?

Aliki2006 said...

Missed you too--it's good to "hear" your voice again!

Sheila said...

Your husband is amazing. I love that he just knew that off the top of his head. Have fun on your trip! (alpha, you're my kind of girl! any cute boys (he he))

Jozet at Halushki said...

Yeah blogging!

And those hats are fab. Nothing re-establishes bonding like some paint and crafty stuff.

Kia said...

How cute! Now you've got me thinking that I don't do enough crafty stuff with my kid. Thanks a lot for the reminder. ;)