Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just a quick note to say…

…life has gone from slow and lazy to somewhat insane a full two weeks ahead of schedule. So, if I've been somewhat lacking in commenting and posting, that is why.

…my new computer should get here today!!! I ordered it three weeks ago and at one point the estimated delivery date was August 31. Fortunately, whatever delayed component was missing came in and I will actually have it in my hot little hands for my first class… this Monday. THIS MONDAY!!! I think I'm getting a nervous stomach over the idea.

…HOT. HOT. HOT. It had to happen sometime. The summer has been entirely too comfortable. Mother Nature has waited until my life went a little crazy and my husband was out of town to turn on the heat. We only have one wall unit A/C on the far end of the house. Not good.

…there has been much discussion of the nature of blogging in regards to race, inclusion/exclusion, etc. I've not been able to participate but in the last few days the story of the blind mice and the elephant has been coming to mind:

As the story goes, seven blind mice discover a strange Something near their pond, and each day a different mouse tries to determine what the strange Something is by examining a part of it. "It's a pillar," says the first; "It's a snake," says the second"; "It's a spear", says the third. "It's a rope, it's a fan, it's a cliff," say the others. On the seventh day, the white blind mouse takes the time and trouble to run up and down, back and forth, end to end, on the strange Something, and discovers that, while the Something has characteristics of each of the other findings, it really is an elephant! The other mice agree after they examine the elephant fully. "The Mouse Moral: Knowing in part may make a fine tale, but wisdom comes from seeing the whole."

I have a hard time trying to speak to the nature of the blog universe because it is so vast. It is as deep and wide as the ocean. What is true for my little corner of this world might not be true elsewhere. I think, as discussions on this topic continue to take place, that it would be helpful to define the depth and breadth of one's travels through the blog'verse. For example, I travel almost exclusively in so-called Mommyblogger circles. I make some stops in other places, such as mysecretennui, the blog of a 20something grad student from Cleveland or the all new adventures of Wyndham, a writer-type dad from England. While I can certainly state my opinion on how I think things ought to be, no matter where in the 'verse you are, I can only write about how things really are in my limited world of the 70-something blogs I frequent.

Let's see, that would be 70 out of how many? (Is there any data out there on exactly how many people have web logs?)

…this post was typed in my new Word 2007's blog posting template. Theoretically, I am going to hit publish and it will both save this as a file on my hard drive and publish it to Blogger. Oh what a wonderful world!

P.S. It worked! Very cool. I didn't check to see about how to label. I'll have look into that. Must have labels.


Aliki2006 said...

Good to see you back!

That new Word sounds miraculous--I'm drooling with envy.

Terri B. said...

I need to check on that Word 2007 blog template. I have Word 2007 so I'm assuming I'll find it if I go look.

I was so hoping after being in 100 degree plus weather in CO, and then twice in 116 degree weather in AZ (this last time it was also HUMID) that it would remain temperate here. Nope. Looks like we brought the yucky weather with us. Only one more trip to AZ and then hopefully we can stay put for a good long while. I am so very sick of packing/unpacking/driving and paying for hotels.

Anonymous said...

hey its sandy, here is the website i was talking about...... the website is here

Anonymous said...

hey its sandy, here is the website i was talking about...... the website is here

life girl said...

Hey Mary,

Good luck next week with school! I can't wait to hear about it.


Alpha DogMa said...

Hey Anonymous/Sandy thanks for posting here - I love your writing style! You do a great job sounding like a spambot. Good job!

And I have the most pathetic blogroll: 20 people. Even that seems like too many.

Good luck at school. Did you buy some back-to-school clothes? That was always my fave part of autumn.

Mary-LUE said...

Terri, Yes, the heat is so yucky. I just cannot function well in it. My ancestors must be northern peoples!

AD, I haven't bought anything new yet. I did put a cute cord blazer in my shopping cart at but haven't had the cash to buy it yet. Anyway, I don't think I'll have any need for it around here until October.

Julie Pippert said...

Wow, what a lot in one post!

Glad your new tool works, sorry about the heat, GL with the busy schedule, and woo hoo about the computer!

Good point about the story, but also about the vastness and unquantifiableness of the blogiverse.

P.S. You did so weigh in! I have ideas in my head from your comment. :) Credit where credit is due my friend!

Ravin' Picture Maven

Aliki2006 said...

P.S. I left you an award at my place.

Tabba said...

So glad you got your computer up and running & you must tell me how to do the whole Word/Blogger/post thingy.

I have to say that there is something in the air and across the nation with this summer.

It has been absolutely chaotic.

Hopefully things will simmer down to a manageable insanity :)

EnnuiHerself said...

Don't be nervous about school!! I forget what you're going back for (for the life of me I can't find it anywhere) but with the way you write, I'm sure that you'll be successful. Just be sure to lay out your clothes and pack your lunch the night before and you'll have nothing to worry about. :)

I can't believe you follow over 70 blogs!! I can barely keep up with my 25 or so . . . and several of those are photo blogs.