Saturday, August 25, 2007

Blog Business

On posting:

It seems like I've got a rush of little posts that will go up this weekend. I'm sorry about stuffing the Google Reader and Bloglines boxes. With my new schedule, I'm not quite sure how blogging will fit in and so this might be it: days of nothing and then multiple posts in a couple of days. It seems like it is better to do more short posts than create one gargantuan post about lots of things.

On the Scenic View:

A while ago, atypical pointed Antique Mommy's series called The Box. Orignally published as several posts, she has merged them into one. It is a story both riveting and moving. While my life story is not similar in facts, it is similar in that I, too, know about finding out things as an adult that fill in some of the blanks of my childhood. The things you don't know definitely can have a impact on your life--and the life of your children. This has been on my mind this summer because of something that came up with my son and a decision I made as a result. If you have some time, I think reading The Box would be a good use of it.


atypical said...

yeah, I always seem to want to write three or four posts at once....

I hope all of your activities are cohering nicely.


P.S. I STILL love The Box

EnnuiHerself said...

Your bursts of blogging will make for an excellent blogging relationship with me, then.

As you can tell, I'm working my way through your last burst. This is nice because there's almost always something in my Reader to entertain me.