Monday, July 30, 2007

Geek Alert! Geek Alert!

Something you may not know about me but which may not surprise you given my blog's title and design, which could be considered something of a geek give away:

I've been to a Star Trek convention.

It was years ago and I think the featured Trek celebrities were Terry Ferrell and James Doohan. It was fun and I bought a cool Bajoran earring. However, I did get some dirty looks from one of my friends because I wasn't sufficiently reverential to all things Star Trek.

I was reminded of my sojourn to the traveling Trek Mahal when I saw pictures online of celebrities at this year's Comic-Con, the annual "multi-genre fan convention."

"Some day," I thought to myself. "I'm going to Comic-Con."

This is the point in the post where you will either love and admire me more or be a little embarrassed for me.

P.S. The new Scenic View in the sidebar is worth the trip. I was alerted to this hilarious post via Toddled Dredge, Veronica Mitchell's blog. Don't miss it!


Snoskred said...

I'm choosing option A - to love and admire you more. ;)


Anonymous said...

I love and admire you more because you were not sufficiently reverential to all things Star Trek. Because if it's not about having fun, what is it about?

Beck said...

A Star Trek convention, eh? Well, so long as you had fun. And I think it's funny that you weren't suitably reverential. Heh!

mcewen said...

Scenic view in the sidebar? Where's that then? Oh there it is, I'll go and take a peek [never even noticed it before!]
must go clean the bifocals!

mcewen said...

complaints department please! When I click on the 'this week's scenic view' nothing happens.
Technically challenged person [moaning and displaying ignorance simultaneously]

Emily said...

I love geeks.

And, part of why I came here originally is I love your blog title.


Alpha DogMa said...

I am an old school Trekkie - and wil have none of this rebranded, taking myself so seriously Trekker nonsense. I'd be hanging out with you sharing the mockery.

Was this the Comic-Con when they announced Zachary Quinto as the new, younger Spock? Because that would be so cool. And I'm totally hyped for that movie!

Mary-LUE said...

AD, yes, it was the same Comic-Con. I wished I'd been clued into it a few years ago when Serenity was coming out. Joss Whedon was there doing a panel and he showed a bunch of clips from the movie. I don't really care about the celebrities. It is all the news and the writer/director types I geek out over.

I'm excited about the movie, too!

daisies said...

definitely option a ~ to love and admire you :)