Thursday, June 21, 2007

Odds and Ends

In my sidebar, you might notice a new "Scenic View." Jozet over at Halushki is one of the best writers I've seen in the blogosphere. Oops! I just used one of the most hated internet words.) She isn't posting too frequently right now and her Life with Three Children post explains exactly why. I think if you head over there, you won't regret it.


I went to the book store today to buy a present for my sister-in-law's birthday. One of her presents is this:

I've been wanting one of these myself for a very, very long time. It gives me the giggles for some reason--probably because of Spinal Tap, I know. I know.


I also purchased a small 18 month planner. The first month is July which is when I will register for my first grad school classes! Yippee and Omigosh, what have I done! Both feelings apply.


I received a letter from one of the children whom we sponsor through Christian Children's Fund. His name is Saitoti and we've sponsored him for over five years. I haven't written him once! At least I don't remember writing him. I am such a bad, bad sponsor. I do send extra money at Christmas and on his birthday but it does make me cringe when I read this:

Rather than that the beans I am depending on have been eaten by wild animals e.g. elephants. Thank you so much. May almighty God bless you and add you more. Moreover my dearly sponsor please write a letter to me. It is actually a long time since you write to me--even one I would like to reads from you.

I feel about this big.


This is what I read today that made me laugh out loud:

Mr. Pewter led them through to a library, filled with thousands of antiquarian books.
"Impressive, eh?"
"Very," said Jack. "How did you amass all these?"
"Well," said Pewter, "you know the person who always borrows books and never gives them back?"
"Yes. . . ?"
"I'm that person."

from The Big Over Easy: A Nursery Crime by Jasper Fforde


Oops! I almost forgot. The Great Gardening Experiment of 2007 is being photo-chronicled over at So-So Cal Cinema, my family blog.


L-Girl said...

Oh that is are wonderful for sponsoring him!

Mel said...

So THAT'S where my books are!
Mr. Pewter, hand 'em over.


Mel said...

BTW....I'd feel really teensy about that letter, too.

Locate stationary and just do it, eh?

Alpha DogMa said...

Oooh, yes that stonehenge set is so neat.
Yeah for you and school! What are you study exactly (apologies if you've mentioned this and I've not been paying attention)?

Julie Pippert said...


Jasper Fforde!! Okay distracted now...must run buy book...

(Liked yor random post. Enjoy the planner. I'm a big fan. :) )

daisies said...

so exciting about upcoming school ~ yay!!

that stonehenge is so cool and makes me giggle too ...

awwww ... i sponsored a little boy for years and years but then i stopped, now i feel bad :(
you rock!! even if you are bad at writing letters (i am too!) xox

Mary-LUE said...

AD, I will be attempting to get a Master's of Science in Education with an emphasis on Reading. My hope is to teach reading development at the community college level.

Anonymous said...

You should print up your blog posts as you write them and mail them to your sponsored child.

Or you could send him some info on... The Druids... no one knows who they were or what they were doing.

Aliki2006 said...

Oooh--Liam would love the Stonehenge set.

I'll have to check out the gardening pics.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I am impressed that you are sponsoring him. I want to do something like that and you just have inspired me! I suppose it may be time for you to write him.....I HATE when I feel guilty about things, which is QUITE often....considering my neurotic nature! I am off to read the blog you recommended. Have a great day!