Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Game of Life: Scarface

Updated again. Answers now included.

Updated with more questions below. . .

Years, and I do mean years, ago, Paul and I bought a came called Life. This was not the same board game you might have played as a child. It was a trivia game based on pictures that had been in Life magazine. This game was nigh on impossible to play because you moved your piece around the board by correctly answering one of four questions on the back of a photo card. The card might show a picture of a woman standing in front of a spiral staircase. You might be asked to identify the man standing behind the woman--and that was the easy question. The first time Paul and I played the game, I think it was 45 minutes before one of us answered correctly. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was a picture of a Japanese internment camp from World War II. The pictures dated from the 30s to the early 80s. As a game, it was horrible, but it was fun to look through the pictures and check out the questions and answers.

As I was sorting some pictures today, I came across one of the cards from that game. So, today, at Life, the Universe and Everything, we have a trivia game. The second through fourth questions will give away the answer, so I'll start with the first question. Now, I'll have to admit, that after complaining about how hard the game was, I think this will be an easy answer.

A. Terry Sawchuk sustained these injuries playing what game and at what position before masks were required.

After someone submits the right answer, I'll post the remaining three questions.


So, several of you knew the answer: Hockey Goalie. Go figure. He must have reallllllly loved hocky to suffer all those scars. Now, for more questions:

B. Who became the first professional NHL team in 1924?

Boston Bruins

C. In 1893, who was the Lord Stanley who presented the first famous trophy for this sport?

Governor-General of Canada

D. Until 1967, there were only 6 NHL teams--name them.

Boston Bruins, Chicago Black Hawks, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs


Sober Briquette said...

My god. I'm guessing he was a hockey goalie.

Becky said...

I believe I've heard of him - hockey goalie is my guess, too.

Mel said...


Canadian Hockey goalie.
Only cuz I helped grow up a sports fanatic.

Beck said...

TERRY SAWCHUCK! NHL hockey goalie. Played for the Redwings. Was on a Canadian stamp a few years back, I think.

Julie Pippert said...


Of course!


Beck said...

Mary-Lue, I used to date a complete hockey fanatic, so I'm more familiar with this than I'd like to admit.
B)Um, what?
C) Lord Stanley was the Governor General of Canada, the person who is the symbolic head of the Canadian goverment and the Royal represenative.
D) The Toronto Maple Leags
The Montreal Candadians
The New York something-or other, Boston and Detroit and I THINK Chicago?

Mel said...


*going to find chips and salsa*

When all else! LOL

daisies said...

ummmmm .. being canadian and all, i actually know the answers but ... ahem ... i really really really don't like hockey (very un-canadian of me what living mere blocks from wayne gretzky drive) so i'm not playing, lol

mmmmmmm chips and salsa !!

Alpha DogMa said...

I don't know the answers. I mean, LUE's already put them up and everything, but they still don't mean anything to me. It's all gibberish. I've programed anything related to hockey to enter and leave my brain with nary a synapse firing.

Anonymous said...

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