Saturday, January 13, 2007

An Invitation to do a Good Turn

"God, without insurance, I will die. I will not get transplant. And we have about 6 weeks to figure this out.

I'm struggling with my ability to trust you in this and I'm crying out that you will give us peace.

I know you are able. but I'm so tired of being tired and afraid and stressed and crying that I just struggle to pray anymore.

Abba Father- I'm crying out for mercy and the ability to live."
Kelli over at Living in Grace wrote these words just over a week ago. Her friend, BooMama, read them and desired to help her friend. Kelli is in need of a kidney transplant. In addition to that, there are issues with the family insurance and a need to go on COBRA insurance. If you have ever dealt with COBRA, you will know that it is quite expensive. BooMama has set up a PayPal account to help Kelli with money to keep her insurance. On January 16th, there will be a link on BooMama's site to that account. One day. That's it. On that day, you can contribute to the fund to help Kelli keep her insurance. If you want to read more about why BooMama is doing this, read her Let the Lovin' Begin post. To read Kelli's post, which is in the form of a prayer, Just Me God. BooMama does not have a specific amount in mind--the PayPal account will take as little as $1.50. The donations will be anonymous.

January 16, 2007

Do a Good Turn

This issue came to my attention through Pam over at MarillaAnne. She became aware of this situation which she has asked me to share on my blog. (I am one of Pam's Alliance bloggers. We have agreed to promote issues when appropriate at each other's places.)


Beck said...

It's a wonderful cause, and there are SO many kind people in the blogging world!
Speaking of kind people - THANK YOU for the package! SO much fun!

MarillaAnne said...


Thanks for sharing this with yours. On one hand I feel blessed that we have a chance to make a difference ... on the other hand I am feeling the weight of it ...