Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Everything. . .

I love about my town.

Well, not EVERYTHING but after a post about Life that was followed by a post about the Universe, it was a given what this one would be called.

So here is a list of LOTS of things that I love about my town.

  1. The Jacaranda trees that bloom every spring
  2. The downtown market that shows how much community we have in our community
  3. Frati Gelato! The YUMMIEST gelato and sorbet made by someone who went to gelato school in Italy. Did you KNOW there was such a thing as gelato school?
  4. 25 minutes to the beach
  5. 45 minutes to the mountains
  6. My daughter's alternative, multiage class in a public school
  7. Hill!!! Paul and I lived in Texas for almost four years and it was FLAT where we lived. I love our hills.
  8. Excellent restaurants. I think we have a surprisingly large number of restaurants that have very good food.
  9. Old houses. We have some lovely old houses. I love old houses.
  10. Starbucks. I know, I know. Starbucks is so ubiquitous. I don't care. I like not being more than five minutes away from a Starbucks not matter where I am at in town. So sue me.
  11. My son's high school. It has excellent programs... the arts, honors, a farm (!), a culinary school, a nationally ranked speech & debate team (and yes, sports). It also is over 100 years old. Again with the old. I like old. Which leads me to. . .
  12. Hosted at the 100+ year old high school auditorium, the Orange County Theatre Organ Society shows silent movies accompanied by a Wurlitzer organ. The next showing is Nosferatu, A Symphony of Terror. I think that's pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

No Starbucks near me! Your town sounds cool to me too ;)

Anonymous said...

Your town sounds dreamy. I love Starbucks, too. I don't care if it's passe to like Starbucks -- they make damn good coffee.

Anonymous said...

i love those jacaranda trees

Nicole said...

I didn't know there was gelato school. It sounds like a great place!

gretchen from lifenut said...

The high school your son attends is our dream high school for our kids. I'd love it if my kids could get an international baccalaureate diploma AND an associates degree, plus work at a CSA-style farm.


I just want them to have an alternative to the pep-rally rah rah rah type of high school, if you know what I mean....

Anonymous said...

Ooooo, I love old houses too! So much character.

And I want gelato NOW!