Friday, June 19, 2009

Look who I met!

I finally got to meet a blogger buddy! I've always been a little envious when I've read about the different bloggers I read meeting up in groups of two and more. I've never even been to a BlogHer conference. Today, though, after several weeks and a few Facebook exchanges, Riley over at All Rileyed Up and I met for lunch... That would be Ruby of Ruby's Diner in the picture with us. She didn't have much to say... or maybe Riley and I were monopolizing the conversation.

As much as I've always wanted to meet some of my blogger friends, I will confess to having some anxiety worthy of a teenage girl before a first date at the thought sometimes. "What if they like the blogger me better than the real me?" "Will we have anything to talk about?" "Am I cool enough?" Those anxieties were pretty much in check before Riley and I met up. I think because we just live about a half hour apart from each other. I don't know. Maybe I just knew that it would work out all right.

And it did.

We talked about life (current circumstances, kids, spouses), the universe (from education to parenting philosophies), and everything (how long have you been blogging, etc.) I can say that I really enjoyed talking with her and getting to know her in person. Sadly, she is moving out of the area soon, but I have hopes that on some of her trips back to the area to visit family, we might get together again.

Who's next? Now that I've got one meet and greet under my belt, I am ready for more!


Anonymous said...

I like that Riley. She is funny.

I don't think I could handle BlogHer Conferences -- too intense -- but individual meetups sound like fun! But I live hours and hours away from EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! I would love to meet both of you. And the thing is, I could totally have met you both last year if I'd been thinking--my in laws are in SoCal and we visit them. Wanna do coffee next summer?

Mel said... wonderful!

Gosh, there's been a couple of 'meets' in the more recent years--but many more prior to.

I should see if I can reconcile that.

Mary-LUE said...

@Subspace Beacon - Canada is just TOO big. All my Canadian bloggy buddies live too far apart from each other. Some day, though, some day.

@Planet Nomad - YES! YES! YES!

All Rileyed Up said...

I had so much fun meeting you too -- here's mine:

And Edj: I still hope we meet up at some point even if I am moving away from SoCal.

Beck said...

Like Subspace, i live hours and hours away from everyone and everything. You'd think that we might live closer together, but that would almost be impossible.

It looks like a fun meet-up. LUCKY!